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Brave Browser Releases Desktop Update (1.7.92) Which Features TapCoin Integration

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 15 Apr 2020

3143414223-42806030765f8f24131c1de7c071dafe0aa621c2c076d212a6bc060c4133a8bb.jpegBrave Browser, the privacy respecting Browser that reward users attention for surfing the web has done it again.

Brave Browser is built on chromium while its basic attention token (BAT) is built on Etherium Blockchain. Brave users get paid 70% of BAT while Brave takes the remaining 30% for viewing privacy respecting Ads from the web browser.

This time they have integrated TAPCOIN in their latest desktop browser version 1.7.92.


TapCoin features different big brands gift cards and allow anyone to buy anything with those gift cards relating to the brand they have their gift card.


Take a look at how the TapCoin Integration look in the new Brave Browser below;3143414223-cccfa0711c9d3d4944c6d94b371f045feb1a9ca27bea59114e924f1170856c1e.jpeg

Announcing the new brave release and and the TapCoin Integration, @Brave Sampson wrote on his Twitter handle;

Today's desktop browser update (1.7.92) features integration with the 


 Network. Now Brave users can redeem BAT earned from viewing opt-in, privacy-preserving Brave Ads for real-world rewards from 250,000 brands like Starbucks, Apple, and Target.

To see the new feature added on your brave desktop browser, Upgrade Brave (see About Brave in the ☰ menu) to 1.7.92+, then go to Brave Rewards (also under ☰) to find more ways to use your $BAT!


Note: the new feature is only available to the U.S for now and will be released to other countries soon.

If you haven't downloaded the Brave Browser yet, then Hurry to do it now here 👇👇👇👇

Brave Browser Download

Brave, for a better web.

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