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NEW MOON: BTC, ETH, LTC, BAT On The Rise As Crypto Market Moves Over 9.62%

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 14 May 2020

caacb8cf59e3db2db5f3516c1bbacdeba33794d9cc11dd35372b4a3c53ad6bb2.jpegData Analysis shows that the cryptocurrency market is on the rise after  Bitcoin halving.

For now, digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BAT, Bitcoin Cash, etc are on the rise. The only reason to give for the rise of these assets is the result of the Bitcoin halving which occurred some few days ago.

Three months ago, all cryptocurrencies lost almost 60% of their original values or price percentages due to the impact of the global pandemic coronavirus which seized all economic activities. But things are back to normal with economic activities picking up pace which has led to the rise again in price values of these digital assets.

Yesterday, the percentage increase of all cryptocurrencies combined was over 2%.

c19e13a19cab105754186037af89e22061b6d59039282b1d97e6cba477495fb9.jpegFast forward, within 24 hours, all cryptocurrencies combined have moved up 9.62%.


Bitcoin in particular moved almost 10% from over $8,700 to over $9,900 as shown in the graph above which is a good news for hodlers who didn't sell off their assets when the price was down.


Ethereum which holds almost every cryptocurrency asset out there with it Blockchain Technology also had a massive increase of 7.61%.

XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, Tezos, Stellar Lumens and Chainlink had 4.03%, 5.00%, 4.68%, 4.24%, 3.34%, 1.32%, 4.98% in that order.


Other tokens to record high percentage values or increases are: Ethereum Classic 3.34%, Dash 2.93%, Cosmos 1.16%, Zcash 1.67%, BAT 3.43%, Dai 0.26% and Orchid 1.28%.

Only three altcoins recorded negative percentages. They are Ox, Augur and Kyber Network. Ox had a price decrease of -5.19% with Augur recording -3.46%. KNC or Kyber Network decreased 0.62% in value.

Sorry for writing this update late today.

What do you see the price of BTC in the next one week?

Send in your predictions? The closest figure will receive 4 BAT reward from me. Announcement will be made Next week Thursday!!! 

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