HELP - How Can One Withdraw Crypto (Bat, Eth, BTC etc) Into African Bank Account

HELP - How Can One Withdraw Crypto (Bat, Eth, BTC etc) Into African Bank Account

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 31 Jan 2020

351665157-afec35105562cabdb4408e39f72218546ea9cd6462f0ceb708dfdbf8ac8e1455.pngCryptocurrencies is the new money which everyone is rushing to get, either Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, BAT, Bitcoin Cash etc.


There are many apps and websites that let u buy crypto or earn crypto for free such as Publish0x, Brave, Browser, Cryptotab Browser etc but after earning your fair share or buying some shares and holding in your wallet, it now becomes a problem should u want to withdraw into your local bank account or Visa.

351665157-99360542fbdd2c2382f791e5d1e67571f16953060ea78b2a9fa2789b6cd85934.pngIs there anyone or someone out that can help or educate I and my fellow ones as to how.

Because if you want to sell your Crypto for Cash and u don't get a good person who won't do away with your crypto without paying, then it becomes difficult.

So guys help a friend to help a friend to help another friend because there are many Africans in here. Thanks in advance.

Download Brave Browser

Download Cryptotab Browser

Telegram not that pays paypal



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My News Gh

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