Cryptocurrency Price Update And Analysis: BTC Drops As ETH, BAT, LTC etc Continues To Grow

Cryptocurrency Price Update And Analysis: BTC Drops As ETH, BAT, LTC etc Continues To Grow

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 9 May 2020

d3929a388066a17d44c61da2d1cfd3b78d26995772ad1b81fc80e4ff4c3b38de.jpegCryptocurrency market price is down at 1.33 percent but not all assets or tokens in coinbase's top 20 assets lost in price value.

In the top 20 assets, only Bitcoin and Dai lost markets values while the rest gained profits.


Bitcoin had a loss of -2.71% percent as the price reduced to $9,620.75 and Dai stable coin lost - 0.23% to remain at $1.00 with not cent to back it up.


In terms of the other major assets, they all had an increase in price values ranging from 0.01% to 35.01%.

The major mover was was (Ox) ZRX, followed by BAT and AUGUR. The rests of the assets did well to increase in price values due to high trade volumes.

Below are the the current prices of the top 20 assets and their percentage increases and decreases;


Bitcoin -2.71% ( $9,620.75)

Etherium 0.01% ( $210.85)

XRP 2.21% ( $0.22)

BAT 22.35% ( $0.23)

Bitcoin Cash 5.85% ($268.62) ,

Litecoin 1.87% ($48.02) ,

EOS, 1.80% (2.78$ )

Tezos 4.34% ($2.85),

Stellar lumens 1.40% ($0.0726) ,

Chainlink 9.41% ($4.12) ,

Etherium Classic (EthC) 2.16% ( $7.12)

Dash 3.50% ($81.05) ,

USDC  0.0 ($1.00)

Cosmos (ATOM) 3.77% ($2.83),

Zcash (ZEC) 3.95% ($45.65)

Ox (TRX) 35.01% ($0.43),

Augur (REP) 22.10% ($13.31),

Kyber Network (KNC) 1.36% ($0.66)

Dai  -0.23% ($1.00)

Orchid (OXT) 11.30% ($0.20).

 Ahead of the BTC halving which will take place at anytime on May 12, 2020, all cryptocurrency assets or tokens have picked up pace to grow in other not to be negatively affected after the halving as that was the case in today's Cryptocurrencies update.

What do you think will be b

Bitcoins price value after the Halving?

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