Cryptocurrency Market Prices Increase By 3.34% After BTC, BAT, BCH, ETH, LTC etc Increase In Value

Cryptocurrency Market Prices Increase By 3.34% After BTC, BAT, BCH, ETH, LTC etc Increase In Value

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 28 May 2020


Another good news is in as the cryptocurrency markets take back control of prices. The digital currencies and tokens saw a price fall on market prices over 72 hours ago but recent bull run by BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, BAT etc has helped to bring back the volatile market to safe grounds. 


In the last 24 hours, BTC had resistant level of $8600 and managed to beat the $8,900 drop to move to over $9,100.


The Coin360 screenshot above shows the Cryptocurrencies in green and red. Those in green are the ones that had positive movement or increase in price values or percentages and those in red are those that saw a decrease in prices and percentages.

Below is the top 20 cryptocurrencies on coinbase and their price percentages as well as current prices.


Bitcoin for instance, had an increase of 4.15% as price moved upwards to $9194.80.

Ethereum also saw a price leap in price percentage of 2.66%.

XRP, BCH and LTC moved positively as well with Increase of 1.24%, 1.63% and 2.95% respectively.

BAT (common token for Publish0x), Brave Browser's native token built on the Ethereum Blockchain saw an increase of $0.19 resistance level to move to $0.21 with percentage increase of 1.86%.

Not all digital tokens and assets saw positive rates.

Tezos , Cosmos, Omisego and Ox were the only assets on coinbase top 20 cryptocurrencies to see decreases in price values of 0.56%, 0.03%, 1.95% and 2.96% respectively.

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