Brave Browser To Integrate Uphold Wallet On Android Mobile Version 1.10

Brave Browser To Integrate Uphold Wallet On Android Mobile Version 1.10

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 25 May 2020


Brave Browser to integrate Uphold wallet account on its Android browser version 1.10.


The Android version 1.10 isn't yet in but are going to be available during a few weeks or a months or two.


Currently, the Brave Browser Android version which has been unrolled is version 1.8.93 which provides users the power to reclaim all Brave Browser rewards stuck within the browser old version.


Users are crying for months now as they keep it up pressuring the Brave Browser development team to integrate Uphold account to the Brave Browser mobile version (Android and iOS) but it seems they have listened to the Android users quite more than the iOS or they need to roll it out on Android before happening to the iOS version.


For now, it's only the Brave Browser Desktop version which has Uphold wallet account integrated.

So it's excellent news to all or any Brave Browser users to ascertain Uphold wallet integrated into the mobile Brave Browsers.


Brave Browser users have the opportunity to opt in to receive privacy respecting Ads . These ads are then paid by Brave to the users as rewards via it BAT token which is distributed on the 8th to 12th of every month via the Uphold wallet. Mobile users who opt in to the program are also paid but the money or token is only stored in the Android Brave Browser wallet and not transferred to the Uphold account. Users therefore have the option to tip creators and publishers like me with the said BAT or keep it and accumulate more until the Uphold wallet is integrated in the Brave Browser mobile version.

(BAT is the digital assets or token built by the Brave team on the Ethereum Blockchain and is used to reward users on the Brave Browser for their attention).

But now,the wait is finally going to be over.

What does one think folks?











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