Bitcoin Cash The Winner As Cryptocurrencies Price Drop Within 24 Hours
Bitcoin Cash The Winner As Cryptocurrencies Price Drop Within 24 Hours

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 26 Mar 2020

351665157-1df4721b5f626bca6b9b903f664619d677bd1c6651a25c9bf2dbdd63f9329f81.jpegOver the last day 24 hours I wrote an article about how the various cryptocurrencies are going up in terms of prices on the market but within few hours only one is able to maintain it upward trend.


Only Bitcoin Cash is able to keep climbing up as all the other major cryptocurrencies dropped in price value including Bitcoin, litecoin, BAT, Etherium, Maker Dao,, BNB, OGN etc.

Below is a screenshot shot of the current prices of the various major cryptocurrencies and how the fared in the last 12 hours:


As you can see above, only BCH had an increase in price value of 0.64% the rest were all down in value or hada negative impact in the last 12 hours ranging from 0.59% to 4.51%.

Will we have another drop in price values or will we have an increase in price value in the next 24 hours?

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My News Gh
My News Gh

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