7 Simple Steps To Migrate XRP TipBot To Uphold Account To Receive XRP Token Tips And Contributions

7 Simple Steps To Migrate XRP TipBot To Uphold Account To Receive XRP Token Tips And Contributions

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 24 May 2020


There are many tipbots which help individuals to receive tips and donations or contributions from friends and family. Also creators and publishers most at times get tips from readers.

Depending on which cryptocurrency you have and which account you have set up, you can receive tips from anyone who has registered and have funds to tip you.

There are 2 common tipbots which I know, and they are BAT tips and XRP tips.

Today, let us talk about how to set up XRP tipbot to receive XRP Token tips from friends and family.

Connecting Your Uphold Account

1. In other to receive tips from XRP tipbot, you need to connect your XRP tipbot to uphold account.03aa948af29a066fae3ba7c331e15342c4b7d1f860e65524cfd350c9dd85d95b.jpeg

Go to your XRP tipbot account. www.xrptipbot.com.

Ones opened, click on continue to next stage to connect your uphold account to XRP tipbot.

2. You will need to register for an Uphold account if you don't have one.

6cc2918cc6fdac528b0c734c93dad11bbb58f0baf86cf1d59975f7f48fdf5dfa.jpegConnect your Uphold account if you have already registered for Uphold or have an Uphold account by clicking on "CONNECT YOUR UPHOLD ACCOUNT".

It will take you to the next page.

3. Ok Connect To Uphold Account.


This stage only requires you to click on ok, connect to your Uphold account.

Note: you can connect all your XRP tipbots to one Uphold account. I mean all your social media handles which you have registered for XRP tipbots. (Register one if you dont have XRP tipbot account). From reddit to twitter to discord, you can connect them all.

4. Authorize Your Uphold Application.


Click on Authorize Uphold application to grant Uphold access to link your two accounts together.

5. Two (2) Step Verification 

This is to secure your account to prevent anyone from accessing your Uphold Account on your phone or PC.

(You will need to download Google Authenticator App to generate secret codes. You will get a new code anytime you want to log in to your account.)

Type in the 6-digits secret code and click on Connect.


6. Migrate Balance Finish.

This is the last stage of the migration. Just click on Migrate Balance Finish as you have already completed all the necessary steps. 

7. Receive Confirmation Mail From Uphold.700f93a1f99b63d11f91f39a24e7327b9f443ee21c6d671c786c2715fe54d5f7.jpeg

You will receive a confirmation mail from Uphold ones you have fully completed your migration.

Congratulations, you have now connected your XRP tipbot to Uphold and you will always see your tips or money sent via XRP tipbot in your Uphold account. You can transfer the money in your Uphold account to another cryptocurrency wallet you have or just keep them in your Uphold wallet.


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