Your Call - Original Ska/Reggae by @juanmolina

For this special occasion I had the pleasure of creating a piece of music. With all my love, I selected the sounds and the necessary melodies, I managed to frame them in "very special" times, in order to obtain an SKA rhythm with a lot of cadence. For the letter I dusted an old poem I had kept for a few years. I used a maracas from my father to perform part of the percussion.

The drums that sounds I achieved by digitizing some analog recordings that I had saved where I captured drummer and cymbal sounds. I did not add kick sounds.

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Lirycs Español Sigo andando esta cinta infinita bajo mis pies. Las imágenes pasan de lado, son siempre las mismas. A veces de vuelta, otras de ida, A veces de noche, otras de día El destino es el mismo, del cielo al infierno.   Dejo ángeles atrás... su cobijo y su amor.   Aquí los demonios me reciben (quieren mi alma), No han podido con esta protección divina. Es demasiado fuerte, demasiado pura Siento tu llamado, debo volver.   Dejo ángeles atrás... su cobijo y su amor.   Emprendo el viaje de vuelta, sobre la cinta infinita. En rituales invoco tu nombre, una y otra vez. Vuelvo a estar a tu lado, ya tengo tu abrigo Esta vez tuve suerte, mañana no sé.   Dejo ángeles atrás... su cobijo y su amor.     English

I keep walking this endless ribbon under my feet.

The images pass by side, they are always the same.

Sometimes on the way back, others on the way,

Sometimes at night sometimes by day.

Destiny is the same, from heaven to hell.

Leaving Angels Behind Me... its shelter and its love.

Here the demons receive me (they want my soul).

They have not been able with this divine protection.

It is too strong, too pure. I feel your call, I must return.

Leaving Angels Behind Me ... their shelter and their love.

I start the trip back, on the infinite ribbon.

In rituals I invoke your name, again and again.

I am back by your side, I have your shelter.

This time I was lucky, tomorrow I do not know.

Leaving Angels Behind Me ... their shelter and their love.


separa juan musica.jpg

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Juan Molina
Juan Molina

I'm passionate about everything related to Crypto and Blockchain

My Music: Originals and Covers
My Music: Originals and Covers

I am an amateur musician. I like to create audiovisual productions of my Original songs. I also do covers. In My Musical Styles, Caribbean sounds, Ska, Reggae, Son predominate. But I also enjoy rock.

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