Quarantine in Greece day #41

A shock today at Greece cause even we had 6 new infections all over the country, we had 150 !!! New infections at immigrant reception area at kranidi Argolis and now all over place there is at hard quarantine with army , hope this stop there and don’t have high spread of the virus . This can collapse everything.
So 156 new infections today at Greece and now we are at 2401 .
5 people died in last 24 hours and the total number of deaths is 121 now and the most young victim in Greece died today only 35 years old and without other health problems, doctors really can’t explain this situation.
59 people need breathing support all over my country.
Today our government is at shock and all waiting what will happen at the next days at kranidi and everyone pray for not more spread.
Please stay safe and stay at home, cause as you see it’s so easy to have a “boom” and lose everything we work for so hard .
Stay healthy...

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My life with multiple sclerosis
My life with multiple sclerosis

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