Foodbook #927 homemade Greek pizza


Good morning my friends and happy week, Greek pizza is a very different and delicious pizza that house should try it . So let’s do it together


350 gr. basic pizza dough

For the sauce:
100 ml of tomato juice
Salt Pepper
A little dried oregano
1 tbsp. olive oil
Some water
Pizza ingredients:
350 gr. grated yellow cheeses, e.g. cheese, gouda, smoked metsovone
7-8 slices of village sausage
1 green pepper in thin slices
1 tomato in thin slices without the spores
100 gr. coarsely grated feta
7-8 pitted olives cut in half or sliced olives
1 small sliced onion
A little dried oregano


Prepare the dough according to the basic pizza dough recipe or the Italian pizza dough

While waiting for the dough to rest, prepare the sauce and the rest of the ingredients.

Put the tomato in a saucepan and cook for 5-10 minutes with a half-covered lid over medium heat with a little water, olive oil, salt, pepper and a little oregano. Remove the lid and cook for another 2 minutes, so that the pizza sauce sets well.

Grate the cheeses on the thick part of the grater. Cut the onion into slices, remove the stones from the olives and cut them in half. Cut the tomato into thin slices and remove the seeds, so that they do not run out of juice and burn in the pan. Cut the pepper into thin slices. Grate the feta.

We open the dough with our hands in a large pan, taking care to make on the edge the classic finish that will swell during baking, pressing with our fingers up to 1.5 cm before the edge of the dough. Our movements should be from the center to the outside, evenly distributing the thickness of the dough. You can also use a small roll of dough.

Spread the sauce evenly. Sprinkle the cheese to go everywhere, but without covering the edges of the pizza. As it melts, the cheese will go to the edge, leaving the walls to swell without burning. Add the sausage, olives, peppers and onion. Finally, add the tomatoes and sprinkle with the coarsely grated feta. Sprinkle with a little oregano.

Bake the pizza for about 20-25 minutes on the middle rack of the oven at 200 ° C. If we have chosen the Italian dough, we follow the corresponding baking tips that you will find here chicken pizza with Italian dough

Take out the pizza and cut it. If we have a cutting board, we place it whole there and cut it with a knife or with the pizza cutting wheel.

Good luck and good appetite!

Stay safe and healthy my friends and take care of your people

My best wishes from Greece

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