Foodbook #684 Cheese croquettes

Foodbook #684 Cheese croquettes


Good morning my friends, a lovely side food for today which I prefer to do at different size , easy and fast you should try this and you will love it.

Let’s do the job together


450 g grated gruyere
65 g flour
1 egg
50 g breadcrumbs
3 KS grated kefalotyri
oil for frying



In a bowl, mix the grated gruyere with the flour and egg.
I take from the mixture two KS and shape into balls, the size of a small walnut.
In a large plate, mix the toast with the kefalotyri.
I dip the balls one by one, in the toast mixture, I press a little to stick well on them.
I put them in the freezer for 10 minutes or in the fridge for 30.
Heat the oil in a saucepan to maximum intensity and when it reaches the temperature, lower the volume to medium.
I put the cheese croquettes every 3-4 - depending on the size of the pot, I leave them for 1 - 1.5 minutes, I turn them and on the other side for another 1.5 minutes.
I take them out on a plate with absorbent paper.
Serve immediately.

*remember you should try any size you want not only ball

Stay safe and healthy my friends and take care of your people

My best wishes from Greece

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