Foodbook #249 Greek white bean soup - Fasolada

Foodbook #249 Greek white bean soup - Fasolada


Today I will come back to our Greek traditional kitchen and I will create for me and for my family a very tasty soup full of vitamins with many Ingredients and a lot of time of preparation to get the right result .
Please be my guest and follow as me Akis Petretzikis recipe from here as I do and you will create one of the best soups you ever are .

I also found YouTube video where Akis Petretzikis step by step create fasolada

It’s not very difficult but need a lot of preparation before you can get a tasteful result , but believe me it's worth the time .

Have a nice day my friends and try to be safe and stay healthy, greetings from Greece and I always waiting for your comments,questions or feedback from your try .

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