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A little kindness to strangers goes a long way

I work a public job, and one thing I've noticed is a good percentage of my coworkers don't show any sort of kindness towards the customers. Yes I know the customers are strangers, and by being kind and friendly to them you're not exactly becoming their best buddy, but for those who have never worked a public job you would be surprised how simply taking an interest in their life in even the smallest way really does put a geniune smile on their face. When I do this I really do feel like I'm making a positive difference in someone's life even if it is small in the grand scheme of things.

In my coworkers I simply see sadness on their faces and that makes me sad. In the USA at least, it seems all sense of community, tribe, group, or whatever you want to name it is gone - humans are social creatures, we NEED others and that sense of belonging to truly live. It seems that people are looked at as nothing more than objects, and that's completely harmful and unnatural to our innate nature. No wonder people "snap" and take their anger out on random people in society and shoot up places. 

I don't have the answers to fix this, but I do know that I (and you reading this) can make a real positive difference and spread some much needed joy to others by simply being friendly to those you see on the street and while shopping. So maybe ask the next cashier at the check-out line how work's going today, compliment someone with what they're wearing, ask to pet someone's dog and strike up a quick conversation. You very well could make someone's day who really could use it, and make our society just a bit brighter to live in.

Or I'm simply dreaming a fool's dream. Thank you for reading

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