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So I'm no lawyer however, once upon a time I felt fairly confident in understanding at least basic law. Here lately it seems like we run into situations that make no sense. Ultimately I believe this is one of the ways that the system can take advantage of a person that didn't go to school for law. For example if the district attorney was to question a witness in a way that he was helping the witness remember answers, then that would be leading the witness. Leading the witness isn't aloud. However if you don't realize this and don't object, then the testimony will be continued and used against you. But what happens when you don't know and your attorney don't object? People get screwed every day because of corruption in courtrooms.

I find myself asking if this is legit or what.

One thing I know is that one you turn 18 and become an adult the things change. But this one really gets me. My 18 year old son who's been in jail for 2 months now and turned 18 a week ago was told that he would just need to remain in jail for now.

The reason was because DSS and DJJ felt I, his dad is an unsafe  placement. WTF, placement?

They know that the kids were taken from me not once but twice and because of this my son is unfairly detained. Now they don't go into the details so nobody knows anything about the fact that the second time the kids were took was only based on allegations and no evidence no drug test or anything. That still has nothing to do with him as of his birthday.

So now this young man's been in the jail for 2 months with no bail, missing Halloween, his 18th birthday, Thanksgiving and now if things don't change quick he'll have to miss out on Christmas and possibly New Year's. This guy has no prior record was graduating this school year after working real hard and skipping a grade. 

It was a joke after all, the judge ordering the DJJ and the DSS to come together and find a resolution before his 18th birthday. This court date you would expect the judge to get serious with the DJJ and say something  like, you were given time to come up with a solution, why haven't you figured something out?

Nope, not a word.

The DJJ did bring it up toward the end letting the judge know that they are looking at this time to find a placement for my son.  Again this makes no sense because we're talking about an adult now. I'm not 100% sure about the attorney in some senses he seems fair but I get a bad Vibe as if he's just somebody after an easy paycheck. I could be wrong for all I know he's working hard on the case I'm just not getting any indication that that's what's going on. Also I now have been updated a little bit, to my understanding as far as the rape charge. It seems by the way they were talking that he is being charged with rape because the mental health of the person doesn't legally allow her to consent. That changes a lot for me this whole time I thought it was somebody possibly lying and claiming he raped them, but now it seems as if it wasn't that at all. It was in a group home so as far as the mental health issues, they all got some degree of mental health issues.

Either way we go about it this is a very complicated case and it only got more complicated by DSS. Even if the lawyer is a half decent one its probably too much for even him alone. If anybody has any suggestions or advice or anything please let me know. If you don't wish to comment on here publicly you could always send me an email [email protected] and put "DSS Case" as the subject so ill spot it in all the junk mail. If any of you are willing to publicly comment I really would like to see people's thoughts on the fact that he's over 18 but not being allowed to be released because of his parents and there past relation to drugs. Prefer Residence In North Carolina just because it's the same laws but if you live in another state and got thoughts on this feel free to comment.

I continued to be kicked while at my lowest. I haven't worked since about 4 months after they got took.

I know I cant live without a job, I still aint looking.

15 years with a small company when I was a key component to their growth and success decided that I didn't deserve the unemployment I already received, lie about how I left the job, costing me just $21,000

In and out of denial of the reality of life.

Rewind, Stop, Play, Stop, Rewind... It feels so pointless to keep on.... 

Should I just lay down... close my eyes...



No Fucking Way

My Family is Worth So Much More.

So they keep hitting me.    I just haven't hit back yet.







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My life one day at a time
My life one day at a time

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