When Cooking is Life, but Eating is Lifer

When Cooking is Life, but Eating is Lifer

By ajeugenio | My Life and My Passion | 17 Mar 2021

One of my passions is cooking, and of course eating too. I was born and raised in Pampanga known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. We got this title because we are blessed with great cooks trained by the Spaniards and passed from generations to generations.


Pampanga, Philippines

But to tell you honestly, skills or talent in cooking is not inborn to everyone(this is on my own opinion). You need to work on it, spend time and needs a lot of patience.

My mother was my inspiration to learn cooking. When I was young, my mother cooks in "karinderya" for living. And also being invited to cook in fiestas, birthdays and other life celebrations.

I also remember, we assist my mother to chop ingredients, even slaughtering chickens and cook simple dishes. On my young age, I'm already exposed in the field of cooking. That you cook, not only to eat delicious food but also to use it for living. Cook for others in exchange of small amount of money or in exchange of foods that you cooked. In my first article about myself, I think it was mentioned that we faced hardships in life, deprived to wear beautiful clothes, to eat what we want and to have things that we need. I laugh when I remember that I can't even buy "egg pie" during my elementary days. So I promised to myself, once I got my job, I will buy all the foods I want to eat, I will cook for myself not for others.

So little by little, I studied how to cook. Cooking what is available in our kitchen. Experimenting recipes and most of the time, outcome is not too good. Sometimes it's salty or bland. Sometimes dry or "soupy". I can't attend to a culinary school because I can't afford it. Internet, youtube and google is not yet available that time(90's), or it's available I'm just not aware(lol).

So as I got my job, I started eating to not-so-fine dining restaurants almost every week and tasted every food. I also tried to eat in a buffet and other 5 stars restaurants. Memorizing the taste and the aroma of foods, the herbs and spices they've used. Then imitate it once I got home.

Up until now, I'm still learning but maybe I can only cook in "karinderya" level(lol). I can't imitate the style of Boy Logro, Sau del Rosario or Chef Gordon Ramsey and other well-known chefs.

But my greatest achievement when it comes to food is, I can now satisfy my cravings,cook and eat what I want. And my trophy? Big belly, fats and my weight.

On my next articles, I will share my recipes from seafoods to meats to vegetables. Click the sub button to be updated.

Picture of some of my recipes(will share complete steps and ingredients next articles)


Baked Rosemary ChickenStuffed Squid

Seafood Kare Kare




My Life and My Passion
My Life and My Passion

In this blog, you will know more about myself, my passion and experiences in life.

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