Sinaing na Tulingan
Sinaing na Tulingan

Sinaing na Tulingan

By ajeugenio | My Life and My Passion | 17 Mar 2021

Sinaing na Tulingan(bullet tuna) is one of the famous delicacies in Batangas. The taste of this dish is a combination of saltiness (of salt)and sourness of kamias(bilimbi). In Batangas, aside from kamias, they also use vinegar to add more sour flavor.

Me and my family in Pampanga is not eating tulingan because we believe that if this fish is not prepared properly it can be poisonous. Yes, we heard news before of poisoning because of tulingan.

Until I met my friend from Mindoro. She always brag that her father is expert in cooking delicious sinaing na tulingan. True enough because I was able to taste it. Since then, I was fascinated in cooking this dish as well. I made my research and watch videos on how to properly clean and prepare tulingan. Of course as a true blooded Capampangan, I made my own version and I will share it to all of you.


1/2 kg of Tulingan

Tulingan(bullet tuna)

1 cup of salt


1/2 cup of dried kamias

Dried bilimbi(pinatuyong kamias)


2 cups of rice water(hugas bigas)

1/4kg of chopped liempo(pork belly) (mandatory on my version)


Clay Pot

I use claypot instead of pan or caserole because it gives different taste and aroma


  • Cleaning the tulingan (Remove the gills and innards. NOTE: this is very important, you need to twist the tail and pull it and you will see a red or black flesh connected to the tail. According to some chef/cook, this flesh produce toxins that causes poisoning)

  • After cleaning the fish, put a horizontal slash on both sides of the fish and press it to flattened.

  • Rub the fish a generous amount salt.

  • On a pot(palayok), arrange the fish, kamias and liempo (you may put banana leaf on the pot or wrap each fish on it.

  • Pour the hugas bigas(rice water)

  • Slowly cook it for 4-5hrs until the fish is very tender (that you may eat even the bones)

  • Serve with rice


Sinaing na Tulingan



My Life and My Passion
My Life and My Passion

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