Splinterlands - Amazing Season Rewards

By ga38jem | Crypto Events | 15 Nov 2021

Another Season passed by and so I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with the Splinterlands community and everybody who wants to join this cool card game. In this article we will take a look at my season rewards as well as my progress in the game and what happened during the season.


Rewards & Recap of the Season

After my last post I was very motivated to borrow some cards so I can get into Bronze 2 at least. For those of you who don’t know: Each Division requires to have a certain amount of Card Power (CP). This CP you can get by owning cards and by borrowing cards. Because right now the cards are just incredibly expensive, people are better off borrowing the required cards. With this being said, I was very motivated and put together a solid deck that I could have borrowed. It was around 4-5 DEC a day and it required me to get out of Bronze 3 as quickly as possible so I would be eligible to earn some DEC rewards on my battles.

Well, what should I say. I did not take into account the cost of resources on the Hive blockchain. To explain: each transaction a player makes, whether it is a purchase or renting a card, the player loses some of his Hive resources. So every time you make a transaction the yellow bar in the picture goes down. When you are reaching close to zero this means that you can not do any transactions anymore. So what happened was: I had my deck and I went on to Peakmonsters.com to borrow some cards. I also found some pretty amazing deals. The only problem with that is, that if you are not fast enough somebody else gets the deal. The thing is, I thought if the transactions goes trough that means that I successfully get the card so I did not check any further.

After “renting” my whole deck I went to make my way up to Bronze 2. But to my surprise the borrowed cards weren’t available in the first battle. So I checked what the problem was and I quickly found out that the cards I had borrowed didn’t go through. So I borrowed the cards that I wanted again, making sure that this time they would be in my deck. After I successfully was able to borrow the first 3-4 cards I quickly got the Error notification that I did not have enough resources to make any transactions anymore. That is how I learned the hard way, that I can not take infinite amount of tries to borrow a card.


Because of this experience I was not able to rent my way up, I was close to giving up. But in my last days I got a delegation which allowed me to get 1k CP. I was quickly able to move into Bronze 2 and earn some DEC rewards. I must say that currently my most favorite Splinter is the water splinter. I like that the Magic Attacks go through the armor. But I also learned that it is pretty easy to counter if you know that your opponent plays this comb. This is why it is important to be able to play different Splinters.


As far as my rewards for this season, I got finally some cool reward cards from my daily quests. I was about to lose hope on getting one, but the waiting finally paid off! I know it is not much but for me it was a very happy moment. I received a Venari Heatsmith and I could not be any happier. This is so far the only rewards card that I was bale to obtain and I hope that I will be able to obtain more over the coming season.


As far as my season rewards go, I think I got extremely lucky! Not only did I not get any of the potion that are completely useless to me right now. But I also got three rewards cards with one of them being rare. Furthermore, this reward card is very powerful in bronze and it was on my wish list anyways.


Next Steps Moving Forward

As for my next steps, I came to the conclusion that buying the cards would be more sustainable to be able to play consistently a few divisions higher. That is why I decided to wait until the new update comes around. I expect the prices of the new cards being a little lower so that new players are able to accumulate more cards and therefore more Card Power. I am trying to save up all of my credits and maybe even putting some funds into the game so I can proceed. But for now I decided for myself that I don’t want to rent whole decks anymore because I need my Hive Recources to post my everyday articles which you can check out! (I know, that was a shameless plug :D)



If you haven’t joined this game yet, feel free to join it with my affiliate link:



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On 15th November 2021

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