Working in another coutry ? What can You get from it ?

Hello everyone !

Today I'm talking about something that would have a huge impact on my everyday life and my content here too for sure.

To start I will need to remember you my job. I'm an Editor, I finished my school in november and am now officially onto the working market. And I don't find so much 😕

My situation is not hard at all, I live in France, my parents are not rich but have enough money to live without difficulties, they paid 20k€ for my first 2 years of school and I paid the last one so I need to repay a loan.🏦

Thank to my parents' help and some allowents I have to find a minimum of 500€ each month to live (rent, loan and food). As I don't find much work as editor I'm trying as an temp. I have been sofa deliverer, warehouseman and order picker during most of the time.


As this is not really pleasant job I only worked the hours I needed (around 2 weeks per month) and was doing other things the rest of the time.

Now I have a Huge opportunitty.

A friend of mine did an internship in Togo last year. Because of something called Covid-19 she had some difficulties to come back to the good old country so fortunately she found a job there for 3 more months. And now, they want her for 1 year more and said that they need people, she asked me and other friends if we wanted to try.

This is really something I want.

There are some things to add. The salary would be "only" 450€/month. (a little more than $530).

I need to confess something. This will show me how much I'm lucky. How much I am lucky to live in France, how much I am lucky to have parents that can help me, how much I'm lucky that my DNA set color skin to white when he was in character creation tab

Most of all, I hope that will show me how much I should not use this to belittle anybody or think that I'm better than someone that just came to this world without all that luck, with all the gameplay parameters set to hard.


My friend's boyfriend lives in an appartment that cost him a 2 burgers McDonald's meal but it represents 40% of its monthly salary. I'm making enough money each month to pay it just to pass 5 minutes of my day everyday on (maybe more if you go follow me 😬) while he doesn't have enough to pay an internet connexion to have all this time on the internet each day.


That mean that if I go there, my needed money each month will be reduced a lot. I looked for an apartment or a house to rent and for 3-4 persons it was 100€.. In total so around 25€ per person, which is 17 times lower than what I'm paying now. 📉

The only thing that holds me here is my girlfriend ans she can't follow me because she's studying and can't quit. But if it's for a "short" period I should do it without problem and 3 months seem to be a good period for both of us.

Now my biggest regret is really small. A lot of poor countries are really involved in the use of cryptos. But there is nothing in Togo and in France there is not a lot of things that allows to pay in crypto so I really wanted this travel to be the moment I would really use it. Too bad, but that mean that... I'll need to onboard everybody !

That would be my dream, being able to pay in a store with crypto. Being able to take my phone and send the BCH I earned on to pay my food would be awesome. And if I succed at onboarding merchands that could be thanks to me but I'm too shy for that, but I keep it somewhere in my head for my wildest dreams.

Maybe some of you hace some advice on how to bring new merchands to crypto ? That makes me thinking about taking a Binance card to be able to pay in fiat but with my crypto.


I'm sorry I talked too much but I'm really excited about that project. That would probably be my first job at the same moment at my first travel in another courty alone (without my parents or my school).

There is a small obstacle, internet is pretty expensive compared to what I'm paying right now, you can watch a great post on that shows how difficult it is in Phillipines. While I'm paying around $20 for unlimited data, it's $50 for 12BG in togo. For a 10Mbps wifi connexion that costs $25 per month while here I have 700Mbps for less than $20.


But for that all I need is to make a work on myself and maybe I will stop to use internet for so much useless things like scrolling my facebook feed... I hate myself about that


I will probably have more info to share here over time, especially when I'm going ! For now this is the most exciting project I never had and I hope to discover that it's even better than I think.

Now I'm affraid of loving this too much and wanting to stay there. But I still have time to prepare myself, that shouldn't happen before at least May an a lot of things can happend since that moment.

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I'm studying editing in school, and I am a huge fan of cryptocurrency. I am looking for the best ways to ally cinema and blockchain.

My journey in cinema industry
My journey in cinema industry

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