Smokin' Aces 's Review - RyanReynoldsChallenge (17/48)

This movie have been for me the total opposite of Just Friends. Before rewatching it, in my memories it was really bad, only a pretext to have big actors gunfighting and a lot of boobs. And I was only half right !

I can't say there aren't gunfights and boobs. But they weren't that much and pretty coherent.

There is something really interesting in that movie. There is one actor I actually created a rule about him :


Ray LIOTTA is the main character of this rule but that really funny because the huge majority of the casting can claim to be participating with him.

My rule is

"If Ray Liotta is in that movie, this can only be a really great movie and even maybe a master piece or a really bad movie which failed in box office and it's deserved"

That's why when I took a closer look at the entire casting and saw him with Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Common and many other who have their own interpretation of that rule. I knew that meant it is a bad movie.

But I was wrong !

It's definitely not a master piece but it's way more original than I thought !
That's probably because I didn't saw the other actors at first like "Ben Affleck", "Chris Pine" or "Andy Garcia"


The Rhythm of the movie is insane ! Everything goes really fast and we are seeing more than 10 characters at the same time and not really knowing where they go. That means that this is a movie you need to be focused on.

More than being fast, most of the characters are uncommon, they are gag killers and I personally don't know one in real life and I imagine they can be a little different than anybody else. That makes them pretty unpredictable and makes great scenes. Especially with some of them who are actually crazy.

All the character are original. Not all the same and that's pleasant to see. They are not just few killers trying different ways to do the same things before the others. They are actually making different plans based on their really different personalities. They are so much different that the group of killer being just normal are actually in minority !

Having that much different characters is probably the main strength of the movie. But also his worst weakness.


Here he is not the funny guy like on blade, not the strange man like in Amityville. He is the "White Hero". He just wants justice, and is incredibly good at shooting and bullet proof. He is even going to go again his superiors just to have justice. And this is terrible.

That is really boring in that movie about incredibly skilled killer. He's just always angry because thing are going badly and menacing everyone Everytime. I really think he is the worst character of the whole movie.

I mean, In real life I hope there are cops favoring justice instead of their orders. But in that movie that's boring. And as said @buffalobison on a comment, that makes him forgettable.


I see Smokin' Aces is coming up and I don't remember him being in there.


I find the gunfights pretty inequal in that movie. In fact, the longer they laster and the more boring they are. Some are lesser than 30 seconds and others are several minutes long. And the worst thing I can remember is when they try to "Taliban shoot" a sniper in another building with 9mm without even know which window they have to shoot on and they shot like 45 bullets. That have so many chances to kill innocent people on their room that's insane !


The next movie will be "The Nines" and I never saw it but it seems like it's pretty good. Except that one, firefly in the garden and a couple of the last ones I saw every other movies. That means that in that 48 movie long movie I saw 44 of them ! Can't wait to have a 100% !

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