SeaSpiracy - How eating fish can be so dangerous ?

If you already watched some of my previous posts, you should know that saving the environment is one of my biggest wishes.

That is why I'm vegetarian for more than 3 years now, and I'm transitioning to become Vegan (We could barely say that I am totally vegan, I already think that I did not eat a single product coming from animal since, at least weeks if not already 2 months.)

One of the best way to discover useful ways to have a good impact on the environment for me is Documentaries.

I already made a post about some of them few months ago like Kiss The Ground (2020) showing how agriculture is destroying the atmosphere and we all can easily change that just by choosing to eat local food from regenerative farms.
Also CowSpiracy (2014) that shows how much eating meat is one of the biggest problem in the world. It takes took much space on the fields and consume way too much water and food while making a lot of green-house effect gazes.

This one is produced by Netflix and is named, inspired by Cowspiracy, SeaSpiracy.

We can totally understand it. Both of the movies are made by one guy, that is looking for a lot of answers to his questions. And for that, he's travelling around the worlds to meet people that could give him some.

And after having the ones he wanted, he is having more and more questions coming because he's seeing way more problems than he thought there was.


The goal is simple. It shows us what does it take to eat seafood.

And I'm really surprised. While only I knew that the oceans are getting empty of fishes because we are fishing too fast to let them reproduce, I learned a lot more about that.

There are really some numbers about fishing that are really terrifying.

  • 45% of the plastic in the oceans are only fishing materials left in the sea, while straws represents... 0.02%
  • 50 Millions sharks are killed every years and thrown into the ocean without taking their aileron. They are just side captured fishes while fishers wanted to catch other fishs.
  • When a Whale is killed, less phytoplankton are spread into the ocean, so little fish's can't eat and less bigger fishes can eat this little fishes. Adding to that the fact that phytoplankton are catching CO² from the atmosphere and stake it into the ocean.
  • More than 20 000 humans die each year to catch seafood
  • 2 700. This is the number of billions of aquatics animals killed each year. 2,7 Trillion. 1 Trillion more than the actual crypto market capitalization in $. Each year.

I'll not share with you all the movie, but one thing easy to understand is "There is no sustainable Fish"

Each time you think you can have more ethic of cleaner fish, there is a dark truth behind it.

  • Fishes from farms. It seem better because you don't have to depopulate some areas of their species. But in fact, fishes are fed with fish. And you need more than 1Kg of fish to produce 1Kg of fish. This is Ridiculous

We can also add that there is not enough room for all these fishes, they are so close they share all their diseases and there is a lot of waste.

  • Some labels (like safe dolphin) are just made by companies to make a lot of money but are absolutely not a pledge of confidence.


For safe dolphin, it's supposed to say that for the fish you eat, no dolphin have been killed or harmed. During the documentary, they saw a fishing ship catching 22 dolphin, they killed before throwing them to the ocean, for only 7 tunas. Because nobody can prove they killed them except the crew.

  • Mafia, manipulation, blackmail and slavery are obviously parts of the game. With lobbying and lies, creating NGO to fight plastic waste such as straws... And forget to mention nets... Remember :
  • 45% of the plastic in the oceans are only fishing materials left in the sea, while straws represents... 0.02%
  • Most of the somalian pirates came after the big fishing companies arrived in their country. Because the locals couldn't shish for themselves, they needed to find another way to find money and feed their families.

Obviously, no need to say that when you eat fish you also eat a lot of plastic and other toxic materials like heavy metals.

I don't know how you would react after seeing this documentary because, as I said, I'm not eating animals anymore since several years so that was just giving me more arguments.

My last words are pretty hard to hear.

Even if you don't want it. By buying seafood, you are funding mafias, slavery, piracy and global warming.

My goal is not to make you feel guilty, just to realize this. If that post seemed scary to you, you should watch the documentary to realize how the world is turning.


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