Judge Dredd - Two movies Review

Two weeks ago I watched the movie Judge Dredd from 1995 With Sylvester stallone :


Yesterday I watched the 2012 Version with Karl Urban :




If you don't know these movies, they took place in a cyberpunk world were criminality rate is hitting the moon and the 800 millions inhabitants of cities become too hard to manage. The law system is changed to give birth to the Judges.

Here, the judges are the law, each of them became the cops, the lawyers and judges we know now.

Judge Dredd is considered as the best Judge of all. Able to beat tens of criminals alone he scares most of them just by giving is name.

The first movie takes place when he is accused of the murder of a journalist and have to fight against the government to serve justice.

The second movie takes place in a mega building where a crime has been reported. In the building it appears that a gang is making and selling drugs so the judges start to investigate and it continues to be like a war game, a little like the movie RAID.




In my opinion, both movies are great. I don't especially like Sylvester Stallone but I can't say I didn't like him in that movie. In many ways I even prefer him as Karl Urban.

First reason, we can say that stallone is HUGE, he totally fills his uniform, which is pretty big to, that makes someone really impressive just by seeing him. While with Urban, I often had the impression during the movie that he was too thin for his gear, I already felt that with others movies he plays in ! Maybe this is because of his head which look too big ? 🤔


Second reason is : The face.
The known face of Dredd is a reverse smile. And while this looks totally natural with stallone :

It doesn't with Urban :

On this picture it already looks a little forced, but most of time it's worst than that ! :


BUT it was still pleasant to watch the movie even with those face expressions.



For me, in both of them the cyberpunk universe is a total success, one of them show more the social inequalities while the other is more about the poor people but it totally works and we believe in both worlds !

If you don't like movies with a lot of guns you would probably don't like it but that's not sure ! At the opposite of a "expendables" movie here there is some reflexion about our world and has a message about what we should stop if we don't want it to happen.

In both of them we see the evolution of the character who started as an "old" judge who know that he's the best and does his job without really considering humans and juste apply the law without seeing why people became criminals and at the end he becomes more human and tries to understand people.

More than that we also see that the biggest problems in this type of society is the government. The criminality touches everybody because the poverty is everywhere so the only way to survive is to become a criminal, steal and sell drugs.

You should watch both of them and in the order you want but here is something that makes the first one the best in my opinion :

Rob Schneider is the funny sidekick of Stallone and doesn't have any importance until the end of the movie. That is probably the best movie with Rob Schneider in it.

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