Fireflies in the Garden's Review - RyanReynoldsChallenge (21/48)

I totally discovered this movie.

When I saw the poster I felt like I already saw the picture several time but I forget about it every time. For the first time I decided to watch at the different public ratings.


Woops. Looks like it's not really loved. And I can totally understand, the poster is inspiring me the kind of movie I hate, too slow with a melodramatic story trying to be too much artistic for nothing, let's see the opinions.


Okok. So let's watch it !!

Fireflies in the Garden

I have to admit something and I don't want to brag but I was totally right ! 100% right !

The movie is beautiful ! Really ! And that's really sad the only copy of the movie I found was a 360p version of it because I'm sure I could have enjoy it a lot more with a really HD version of it !


It's not the most beautiful movie you can see and to be honest I think "Amityville" was nicer most of time but at least that is a quality, that's not that easy to find in that movie 😅


The movie is indeed really really slow.

I don't know how to explain it but I feel like in that movie the only things moving are the characters, and they tell so few things when they talk.
I don't know how to compare this but in movies usually, there is a story you start with some news and you know almost where it goes. In an adventure movie you know approximately what will be the end. There is something to find and it will be found. In deadpool you know Wade will kill Francis and find Vanessa.

Here you don't know at all what will happen next and you don't know what it is going to. You just follow the life of those people with few flashbacks explaining things all along the watch. It continues, further and further without explaining anything and that's exactly what makes this movie so long.

The hardest part of it is that the father was the worst father possible (maybe not, I know people had really hard childhood that's terrible) and we see that even 20 years later he's still a shit. And without any reason, in the 3 last minutes he realizes everything and become nice. With no reason ! That really made me a little angry.


Sometimes the discussions are so slow that when I was looking for some screenshots to take, in a discussion I could put on the right arrow key to go 10 seconds further and the next lines was not still told. They are waiting more than 10 seconds between two sentences ! So slow.


Despite being a dick with his father he is probably the best character in that movie. And we can't have anything against him about being annoying to his father because he was truly torturing him when he was a child and has real anger issues.

He his really kind with everyone. Helping a lot one of the children who feels guilty about the sad event that happened at the beginning of the movie. He even succeed to forgive his father at the end which is really a proof of kindness after everything he did.

Even If as a Vegan I don't support the way they are fishing with petards.


Is the movie worth it ?

No, definitely, not.

I absoluetly hate slow movies. But I really liked this movie. Because of Ryan Reynolds ? That can totally be the reason, I don't know but I enjoyed watching this. I don't think this is a good movie, I don't think this is a bad movie.
If you like slow movies this can totally be a movie for you, if you like blockbusters only, stay really far from this.

Anyway as I said this is pretty hard to find a HD copy of the movie and I would definitely not paid for it. Now the choice is yours if you wanna try it !

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