Buying the Cow & The In-Law's review - RyanReynoldsChallenge (9-10/48)

You know what ?

I really don't know how to start with this one because I don't feel like I have a lot of things to say about it.

It was pretty entertaining to watch it, I laughed sometimes and even felt somethings at some moments but that's basically all I had during it.

I thing the goal of that movie was to make a romantic comedy for men. And I think that made it pretty well. But as much as usual romantic comedies this was pretty empty.

We are following a character who's seeking his true love but he's a dick with any girl he meets so I personally absolutely didn't want to see him find her. And that's basically the same with each character.

Each time something happen to one of them I just wanna say that they deserve it.

And the fact that each time something serious is happening the movie solves it with a joke makes it hard to really feel attached to the characters. They make something bad, they're punished by something that is just a joke and they go to the next step without getting anything from that mistake.


Let's take the exemple of the character of Ryan Reynolds.

He's the handsome guy getting a girl Every time he wants. And obviously he's the guy who never calls back and has a lot of problems with the women he frequented.

One day we wakes up after taking a drug so he doesn't remember all his night but he finds a pictures of a woman in the bedroom. For the first time he's falling in love with her. But here a guy walks in and starts to say "last night was great". Ryan's going to the bathroom to hide and just repeat sentences like "oh my god, why did I do that".

But behind the door the guy is saying that he's the roommate of the girl on the picture and she just went outside to buy some groceries. But Ryan Reynolds is not listening and finally escape through the window naked and have to escape the police.

After that he just start to think that he's gay while he doesn't seem to like guys at all. At the end of the movie, he's going to have sex with a girl just because most of the dialogs they had in the movies were him saying her "wow, you're really hot". So he probably will just start again to be the same guy than the beginning of the movie..


I personally found that most of the actors were forgettable. I only remember the First Character played by Jerry O'ConnellRyan Reynolds and Alyssa Milano. And I am really complaining that we don't see Alyssa Milano longer. We see her for only 2 or 3 scenes and she's the best character of the movie. Probably the smarter and the only one not lying and making bad choices at any time, really trying to help the other instead of making them make mistakes.


Humm... Hmmm...

I don't really know what to say.. The character is funny, it's probably the funnier of the movie but he's really a dick. So I don't know what to think about it. But, if I have to remember something about that movie :



If I'm not making a full post for this one is for one reason. I don't have enough things to say about it.

It is good. I personally had a really good time watching it. There are a lot of jokes and they are pretty funny.

The fact that this spy movie where Michael Douglas is the father of Ryan Reynolds and need to fight the actor of Hercule Poirot with a guy whose nickname is a Phallic metaphor is enough to describe the movie. Everything is fast and most of it is nonsense.

All along the movies there are things we don't understand because we need to wait before they explain it makes it just strange. I could not explain more than that and I didn't find any hidden topic under this movie. Probably because I was tired when I watched it.

The only thing I get from it and I will not follow it is : Don't trust people.

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My journey in cinema industry

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