[Axie Infinity] #3 (HOW TO CHOOSE AN AXIE) Best starting to not spend your $ for nothing

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For those who have read my previous presentation post this article will be translated in French also soon.

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I realized that in the two previous articles I presented a lot of advanced points of the game without giving you the best bases to start.
It seemed natural to me because there are already very good guides or information on the AXIE INFINITY direct site.

But in my duty to accompany you as best as possible when I present a project to you, here are the best bases for choosing your first babies.

Ok time is money, but so is knowledge! So let's start now.

To start you must have Metamask (I will do a complete guide to install it, but it's very fast, it's a Wallet in the form of google chrome extension) to buy your first AXIES.

Then go to the AXIE INFINITY marketplace AXIE INFINITY marketplace .

There you are! What interests us here is to select our first 3 AXIEs, if you are not a beginner in the world of gaming you will quickly understand that you will need a tank (which takes damage) and two DPS. It is the most used current meta but personally I play with a DPS, a tank and a support (which serves as off-tank, dps a little bit and heal the others).

This is my point of view but too often I have seen the two dps roll over after the tank has taken too many critical hits quickly.

So you will arrive on this page, and on your left you will be able to select filters.


Axies abilities are determined by class and skills.

The skills you possess are linked to Axies body parts, so you can guess their skills from their appearance.

It has a class and parts filter feature, so you can build your deck while filtering it with the skills (parts) you're looking for.

[1] Let's pick a defender.


The battles will vary in difficulty depending on whether you have a good defender or not.

Individuals with multiple defensive skills, such as a shield value over 70, are very advantageous in battle.

Also, "Reptile" and "Aquatic" tend to be better suited for defenders in terms of status. I recommend using the filter function in the marketplace to make it easier to find them.

Look earlier for filters with more than 55 Health in stats.

[2] Let's pick an attacker.


The standard attacker is the "Bird" or "Beast".

Because of Axie infinity battle system, the first move is very advantageous, which means that Axie is the better attacker because of his high quickness and high attack skills.
Some skills can be activated by attacking before your opponent. Combine them well to create a strong deck.

Look for filters with more than 55 Morale in stats earlier.

For the 3rd AXIE, I recommend a BIRD like the picture, look for SPEED in the stats with at least 60 if you want to be sure to almost always attack the first.


So you will have a tank, a fast DPS and a DPS based on crit and combos for BIG BIG damage once the energy has accumulated.

As explained in my AXIE INFINITY summary because of the gas fees at the moment the price of AXIES skyrocketed, the cheapest is in the 80 $ and is not with the best features or attacks as in the photos.

I have personally start with the 3 AXIES and the gas fees invested $ 100 in the month of DECEMBER. Which is necessarily a better return on investment at the moment when I sell my AXIES ...

When you need the money, later, you can even swap your SLP (small love potion, see my articles cited at the beginning of the post to understand) to supplement your end of the month and buy new, more powerful AXIES.

I hope to have given you the best to start, and with this 3rd article on AXIE INFINITY if this starts to interest you, do not hesitate to follow me to be informed of the next news on this game which will remind you that it is supported by UBISOFT and SAMSUNG among others.


Take care of yourself.




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My journey about AXIE INFINITY the nft GAME.
My journey about AXIE INFINITY the nft GAME.

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