[AXS TOKEN] #1 (SUMMARY) Why am I writing my article faster than expected after a 120% increase in 7 days?

By Arkato | From ground to the moon. | 14 Feb 2021

UPDATE 14/02/2021

Hello to all readers and wonderful writers.

For those who have read my previous presentation post this article will be translated in French also soon.

Not read my  [Axie Infinity] #1 (SUMMARY) ? Where I was talking about the TOKEN do not hesitate to take a quick tour to understand the usefulness of this game.

Ok time is money, but so is knowledge! So let's start now.

Since today we are going to talk about the TOKEN AXS which is the game token that I was able to present in my other articles.
So here no pokemon-like, baby or others.

I had to put forward several days writing my article on this undervalued token in my opinion. (Remember that giants such as UBISOFT or SAMSUNG are partners of this game and many others)



BIG POSITIVE POINT it is available on BINANCE and Uniswap.

You can follow the value on  Coingecko and see how much potential remains to be done.
And for good reason ! I got around $ 0.92 on this token a week ago.


Indeed to present you quickly and in the excitement of the increase of these last days here are some points on which I will come back of course on in more detail on future articles.

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) are the glue that binds all Axie community members together.

AXS holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, play the game, and participate in key governance votes. Players will also be able to earn $ AXS when they play various games within (when you own lands) the Axie Infinity Universe and through user generated content initiatives.

Actually, there is a PVP contest where you can win AXS depending on your ranking and this was already the case in December!

In the coming months AXIE INFINITY will implement voting with these tokens to define the future of the game, but also staking on these tokens to reward you when you block the tokens on the platform.
But also and above all the means to pay on the marketplace and to be paid in AXS via their sidechain RONIN (which they have started to set up but will be effective during MARCH) with reduced fees compared to the traditional ETH path .
This leaves you with a greater margin in your sales.

This article is quick but it is important in the current hype and the rise of this token to keep you quickly informed when it is only at rank # 221 on Coingecko.

Everything remains to be done as much for the games as for its currency!

Take care of yourself and do not hesitate to follow me for all the information on the game and its currency and of course ask your questions!



What is Axie Infinity to understand the token?

[Axie Infinity] #1 (SUMMARY) How this game let you PLAY TO EARN (real ETH realy)

[Axie Infinity] #2 (HOW TO TAKE A GOOD START) Farm almost 16$/Day by playing.

There is no referal link here, I just wanted to give you the pleasure that I have of playing, winning battles and therefore SLP, BREED and collecting and of course recovering ETH that I send to my SwissBorg account (Look at my previous post about) to buy CHSB or/and USDC and let the yielding do it.

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From ground to the moon.
From ground to the moon.

First of all I'm French (no no don't go, we also know have a sense of humor and fun articles to read) This is to say that most of my articles will also be dubbed. I am new to Publish0x but not to the world of investing or crypto. Although I am more knowledgeable about stocks. Ok time is money, but so is knowledge! Let's save time and therefore money and so on by exchanging each other.

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