Safepal now is going to have its own token very soon. What will it do?

New Air Drop to Entice More Hardware Wallet Owners. Smart Move SafePal!


While US is regulating so much more camping down on crypto wallet and exchanges residing in US, China hardware wallet manufacture is quickly stepping up teaming up with growing giant Binance under its new smart chain BEP20 not only with more affordable wallets, but now, they are creating a fun token just to get people to use it to bid for another new wallet in the future before it goes live as an exchange, at the same time went under the CCP radar as it scrutinises it own growing giant Alibaba Jack Ma as one of the monopoly e-commerce world wide.

I know that a lot of people especially the US are a little skeptical with China made products, but with the recent hack of the Ledger Nano coup I think more and more people preferred to have a hardware wallet that has its seeds and private key generating technology available offline.


I have yet to know what the new token is going to be fully utilized, but using the airdrops as part of the fun to chance for a new hardware wallet sure have gotten many people happily using it just for fun is outright genius.


Binance is totally taking advantage of this!  

Not to mention making Binance totally happy because they get to push their smart chain further live!


Moreover without a physical hardware wallet, you totally can't claim the airdrop!


That's the pre-sale perk for owners; and what a way to "ICO" their token by real tangible investment of something already useful!

I think this is so far Safepal's total #1 win marketing strategy unlike other project that offers ico with pure nothing.


Once everything is set, claiming the airdrop is SUPER DUPER easy. You pretty much already have 320 SFP tokens by default, and the rest require you to to be a little proactive.

However there are other claims that are yet useful for beginner small time investors especially when it relies on another $100 USD trading activity, otherwise it is actually pretty easy to get them to set aside.


When will the token be launched for exchange?


Totally no idea, but who cares? It is sitting in the system and I am sure it will be launched sometime this year. It is more important to test out whatever features it needs to test and be stable first before trading happens for the long run.

Besides, there's still "lottery game" to be used. It's not totally useless just yet.

Ever since I mentioned about investing a hardware wallet and chose this one, I think this is by far one of the most fun investment I have yet to experience, especially when tipping earnings are safely kept in this wallet. Hopefully one day it will include more chains like Cardano and it can actually be on its way to be one of the most used wallet across the globe.


How about you?

Do you think this is a great sales and marketing strategy, or are you too scarred from CCP experience that any item manufactured from China is totally a no go for you?


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