Sirwin the Simplest NFT Game with Minimal Maintenance?

Have you ever thought that a real life scenario situation could be simulated in a game where you can keep playing for collectibles while generating some tokens for reselling or trade for more stuffs to play (a.k.a NFT)?


My own NFT game under another username. Planned as a wedding gift later to my descendants

Well, of all the blockchain games that I have been testing due to the fact I stayed in the HIVE / STEEM blockchain for 3 years, this is one of the easiest stress free game to start off.

The only disadvantage for starting up a game, is that you will actually need a HIVE account as this game is still in its learning, developing and improving phase within the (then STEEM, now) HIVE blockchain and probably won't be able to go mainstream for a time until the developers think that it is ready for mainstream without too much bleeding of the gas fees like other ETH dapps games.

However, fear not, you actually can now obtain a FREE HIVE account with their onboard services (which bounds with your cell phone number), and you can click here to check out which ones you can enter as some of them are free or you can invest as minimum as $1 USD for an account.


Or better, 3 HIVE if you know someone there who can sponsor you

which right now is less than $1 USD.


Getting into the game. Do you need investment funds?

Unfortunately, this game doesn't come free. With a minimum of 12 HIVE, approximately $1.81 USD you can start of with a game of chance to see if you can get something that will help you to start generating income.


I actually have a friend who started with an investment of 5.23 HIVE which is an equivalent of 79 cents USD as a start up and she seemed to be enjoying reaping some SIMS income that can be later exchanged for something else in the HIVE ecosystem.


Not to bad for a start up game eh?

It's all about how fast you want to generate these income and want to keep playing it for the better.


What is attracting me to play the game?

Besides the "passive income"?


It is the ability to "turn your NFT card" by default into MORE value added NFT.

What currently intrigues me is that the SIMs you earned besides improving your "as real life as possible simulation of the real world environment", when you "upgrade" your city for different purposes in order to access better turn around, when you have certain technology "invested" to your city with NFT cards like "job center", you actually can turn your cards from homeless NFT for example into some other cards like maybe, artists, if you have an art gallery NFT card in your city.

Which is very interesting because in real life, immigrants and homeless folks, if given proper training or education, could really have their lives turned around.

And mind you, just as any other real life scenarios, you will have income taxes incurred with presidential election too, which I haven't really got the time to really look into it just yet.


So basically, it's pretty much testing how good you are if you are a governor in a blockchain simulation life.

It is pretty interesting to me, because for friends I know, I can observe whether they are capitalists, socialists, or idealists in their view of the game.


Will it be a waste of time or resources?

So far as far as I am concern, because you pretty much can let it auto run and return to check at the city once every few days, unless yours is so big that it is getting out of control, your "investment" are pretty safe.


There's no invasion from one city to another at the moment, but I can't guarantee whether this will happen in the future though.

So far so good, earned SIMs (tokens) are safely transact into the HIVE-engine wallet; therefore there shouldn't be much of a problem unless you loose your private keys to your wallet.

Which also means you lose your entire account.

What needs to be looked into


You however do require to install this browser plugin called , Keychain, in order for you to access to the game and also for the HIVE-engine wallet access plus the HIVE Blockchain social platform or their dapp counterpart (and so much more)

So, one plug in pretty fits all.

What do you think?

Would you look into this game further and even think with a tiny bit of investment, pretty much less than $5 USD and just generate the passive income based on your own strategy build up of buy and sell later whenever you are free and let it run itself?

Let me know of your comments and hope to see you there and enjoy yourself with one of the most minimalised NFT games with passive income!

Well at least it's for me.

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