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Blurt and Zapata

Hey guys, everyday new news. Lol.
It seems blurt wants to exclude Stinc from the airdrop that's why another chain will be born called Zapata.
Zapata will include all users from Steemit HF 23 also STINC.

But what's now the difference between all this new blockchains?

This was one question I had.
What I got told is that blurt will more be like Twitter, short messages and Zapata will more be like Instagram.
Sounds nice isn't it?

So they won't be a directly concurrence to hive or steemit at the moment.

How it will be at the end no one really knows but that are some informations I got told.

Important is to know that users need their password/ key they had when used HF 23.

If you wanna read more about that check this articles maybe they are useful for you.

Your @LotusFleur

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Stuff what could be interesting

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