Dealing the Goods While Staking The Potential! July Update

Welcome to another installment of my trading and Cryptocurrency journey! In this post I am going to discuss the recent trades I have made, some

changes I made to my Hodl coins and the Staking of AWC and compounding of my BAT and ETH. Big thanks to MadMaxx here on Publish0x for his

awesome posts and telegram channel that has helped me immensely with trading strategy and increasing my bags!


For those that don't already know, I have NEVER and will NEVER trade with my own fiat money. If you are just starting out trading, start by using FREE cryptocurrencies from faucets **links at end of post** 



I have recently purchased an extremely highly regarded trading course and have ultimately stepped up my trading from just trading BTC/USD and

AWC/BNB to, at this time, having open trades on 7 different coins. The trading of new coins is still very new as of this week so I have not done a ton yet.


However, the few trades I have made have ultimately been quite profitable, albeit small trades, but profitable nonetheless. 




XTZ was filled at 25100 sats and the sell order executed this morning at 27500 sats for a ~9% profit

CTSI purchased at 502 sats and was quickly flipped for 541 sats for a ~7% profit

AWC Started with 4 AWC and sold for .08200 BNB, Next was a purchase of 5.4 AWC at 0.0688 BNB, I then sold the 5.6 AWC quickly for 0.0744999

BNB. Which brings me to my most recent trade in which I purchased 6 AWC for 0.069 BNBAWC/BNB total profit of ~50% in a week. 




Currently have a sell order placed at 0.0775998 BNB for the 6 AWC + .3 AWC I got from my weekly interest from staking. Once executed my BNB will have increased from 0.270128 to 0.488173. 

Purchased WAVES at 1346 sats and it's currently sitting around 1448 sats, however, I believe it will climb above 1500 sats

Purchased SYS at 902 sats currently sitting around 918 sats and I could see this one going up to around 1200-1500 sats.

Purchased STRAT at 4800 sats on a little dip and currently at 4828 sats with a chart that looks like it will explode soon. 

Purchased DOGE at 31 sats and it was such a small amount really just waiting for it to have a little spike, the chart is dumb lol. 


 Hodl/Staking Changes:


In my last update I had transferred my XTZ and put it all into AWC when XTZ had spiked to $2.89 and AWC was only worth $0.43. I am currently still

Hodling my AWC and earning 17% by staking them which has been netting me 0.297 AWC a week that I have been utilizing for trading since I am

profiting far more from trades. Since I last wrote about my staking I had only 80 AWC and the price at the time was merely $0.60, I have increased my

staking amount to 91 and the price has increased to roughly ~$1.50-$1.70. So needless to say my transfer of $30 in XTZ to AWC has increased to

roughly $75. Furthermore, due to the tokenomics of the coin and the benefits associated with the wallet I believe this is only the beginning of the price increase.




Last update I had roughly 85 BAT that I had placed in Compound and was earning anywhere from 20-38% at one point and my bag increased to 95 in

the short lived crazy APR. However, BAT is currently only earning a measly .016 APR at this time and it's essentially only still there because the ETH gas

fee for withdraw is ~$6 so I am waiting for that to cool off. While I wait I have 50 BAT in my handy Atomic Wallet and have another ~25 on it's way from July Brave earnings. 

FYI if you don't have brave you are seriously missing out! DOWNLOAD HERE and start getting paid for something you already do, PLUS earn  an extra $5 in BAT after using the browser regularly for 30 days! 

You can also check out one of my early posts about Brave by following this link: Brave Browser and BAT


ETHER Hodl Mistake


So when the whole Compound extravaganza was playing out I thought, hey my BAT is getting crazy interest lets throw in my ETH and earn what was

~8-9%, unfortunately this cost me a stupid gas fee and I did not expect the return to nosedive like it did. Needless to say I have .05 ETH locked up in

Compound earning a garbage return of .16% and the cost to withdraw 100% of it is roughly as much as I am holding in there. 




 I have gotten a bit lucky but I am learning quickly and the profits are showing that, so big shout out to MadMaxx for being a great resource and helping people learn to trade. 


Lastly, I don't try to push my trades to extremes as my goal is to win every trade while limiting risk, I would rather take a 20 satoshi profit on a small

trade than lose anything on any trade. So I keep most of my newest trades smaller while I study the technical and learn about the projects past. I Hope

you all enjoy and I will hopefully begin updating and being a little more active here soon! 


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My Finance Trading Journey
My Finance Trading Journey

This specific blog I am dedicating to the ever evolving trading in the cryptocurrency market as well as tactics and techniques I have learned along the way (while I will always be learning I also enjoy sharing the knowledge). I will also discuss my trading in the stock market and how I utilize the two to benefit me further. ENJOY!

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