By priviyat | My experiences. | 18 Jul 2021

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The last night it rained so heavily and increased the humidity in the atmosphere. I woke up at 0400 hours and studied a little bit and it was still dark outside because of the dark clouds and I laced up my shoes wore knicker and a t-shirt ergo, exactly at 0515 hours I went out to do this ecstatic activity, which I was dying to do since 18 days. 

Right when I started the activity I found that my knees are hurting and I thought I couldn't run this victory lap  5k but in my brain the ideas of cojuring up to run slow as also being baked. So, I decided to run slowly and my pace for the first kilometer was 5 minutes and 36 seconds. Today the road was empty not occupied by even a single creature which doesn't makes my run so supportive.

                                                                         tho whole run activity       

 THEN I continued my journey towards the second kilometer and I thought I might found some people on this track and in this lap but to no avail.
  I finished the second kilometer moving on the the third I found 5-6 people at different lengths moving in the track some walking and other running the third kilometer also comopleted and I continued for the 4th kilometer and right after 100 meter in this kilometer a small concrete found its way into my shoes which makes me to stop for 5 seconds about, and I continued without pausing my activity listening music and surprisingly I found more people in this kilometer and on this track the day was also getting brighter and finally the 4th kilometer completed with good speed 4 minutes and 27 seconds.

I totally forget about my knee pain as seeing people on the road was much lively and pleasing and my pace was increasing gradually and therefore proceeded for the 5th kilometer the victory lap hahah and this was also proving to be the hard lap I was totally feeling exhausted by this time and therefore my speed seems little decreasing this time but I completed the lap with a pace of 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

I felt so good and exhausted at the same time.




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I'm a running enthusiast (lately), I like to learn from my surrounding, love to learn new things, I started reading books (lately)

My experiences.
My experiences.

This blog page is about telling my various experiences.

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