By priviyat | My experiences. | 16 Jul 2021

            Day 02 it is, and today I decided to run a quick sprint for a quick distance as I have got few other works with utmost importance. 

              I laced up my shoes wore the knicker and T-shirt took the phone and went out. This time I decided to have a little warm-up before and to my knowledge, I never liked any kind of warm-up., I guess many people are of the same opinion but anyway for a quick  warm-up I did 350 meters and took a 2-minute rest and  started with a thought of completing 1000meters with desired time of 03:52 but while I was running it came out as I lack energy for it so I stopped at 680 meters. and the stat for that is here in the photo.

I took a  little walk thereafter and I again I decided that I will do at least 1000 meters this time no matter with what speed and I started but it was the same feeling to stop just right after 400 meters but I decided to fight it and try to do it more and duhh! I did 1000 meters this time stats are as:


      well, also another factor which was exhausting me was the wind though, the speed wasn't that much but it was exactly in the opposite direction which increases the difficulty and the other was the prickling heat at 1800 hours the sun was like a frenemy to me. 

 But anyways I consider these factors as an excuse so, I don't any complain about wind or sun and I also completed my work on time.

thank you all for reading my post and giving your time to support me. I also write on a blog page which is https://globalworldaffairs.wordpress.com/ on which I wrote about the various issues, geopolitics and environmental issues kindly visit the page and if you like to read-only.                         1aaf797b37d748f38e9b37c4fc55edee284c166deddc50b82842c4d82cd38d3e.jpg


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I'm a running enthusiast (lately), I like to learn from my surrounding, love to learn new things, I started reading books (lately)

My experiences.
My experiences.

This blog page is about telling my various experiences.

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