Running day: A day full of humidity

By priviyat | My experiences. | 14 Jul 2021


It was a bad day for me and also, I hadn't ran for some days straight, so i TIGHTENED  my lace up and went out for running an activity which stimulates so much ENDORPHINS if you push it the right way. 
  The weather was sunny the whole but in a sudden at about 04:00pm it starts changing and meanwhile the rain started but stopped in less than 15 minutes, long enough to create excessive humidity in the air to let your body sweet profusely even while you sit calmly.


I was feeling good while I started running but after 2km I started feeling little timid but I decided not to stop before a certain spot and that spot could be seen in this map 


Finally, after 4.3 km I uploaded that on adidas and to my surprise a friend of mine from russia commented that all the numbers here in your activity when added up gives 7 my pace, my distance, my duration and it was her luck number made her smile)) that was the fabulous part of this running.


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I'm a running enthusiast (lately), I like to learn from my surrounding, love to learn new things, I started reading books (lately)

My experiences.
My experiences.

This blog page is about telling my various experiences.

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