No killer just a filler - Finding reasons to play Kra'ar Xoc in Splinterlands


Hey guys we are back in the Splinterverse and back are the share-your-battle challenges featuring Dragons!
In the Dragons' weeks authors are not given a specific unit to write about, but instead authors are free to choose from all the Dragon Splinter's units. Weeks back in the past I had the idea of going one by one through all of the Dragon units.

As new things are always shiny and interesting I will go for one of the new reward cards, this week. The only soulbound Dragon Splinter reward card I got so far is: Kra'ar Xoc - so here we go and we have this week's unit for my review.



Let us look at Kra'ar Xoc which is an Epic card of Dragon Splinter:
first thought (+): It costs only 1 mana! I really, really like these units.
second thought (o): 'Scavenger' ability! I like this ability, too. But unfortunately more often than not I found this ability not that useful in battles.
third thought (-): Only 2 health.

What do I think about leveling up Kra'ar Xoc?
Regarding its stats development: Unfortunately it is not happening too much stat-wise. A little bit of increasing initiative and some slow increase in health, as well.
Regarding its ability development: There is 'Redemption' ability at level 6, which is somewhat cool, but then again that is all... In other words it is not too much of an improvement here, neither.


But as always let us have a look <t one of my battles including Kra'ar Xoc:

Hard facts: Modern format, 42 Mana Cap (I know not Kra'ar's natural habitat, but let's see), Standard ruleset


I had a focus on my enemy getting hit by my magic attacks. My opponent preferred to rely on ranged attack and some 'ranged melee'.


Round 1 had no real decisive actions...

2-gone in instant.png

...but saw Kra'ar Xoc already leaving the field :D
All those 'Snipe' and 'Opportunity' attacks were too much for him to bear!
For sure you might ask here why I chose this battle to share, but I will come back to this point later in my conclusion!


Round 2 already looked good for me as my opponent had a lot of ranged units...


...which in round 3 already started to cease fire. Furthermore my magic attacks ignored his shield stat so it had been clear already who would win.
-Yes, I won!


What is it that I and the reader can take from reading this review?
First of all 2 and below mana cost units should only be used as filler and in very low mana cap matches!
Second Kra'ar Xoc is cheap but that is basically it until you level him up to level 3+. Then again it is an Epic unit so you will need a lot of cards to get him there.
And finally although I really appreciate that low mana cost units they sometimes lack a real usecase. And in my opinion Kra'ar Xoc has a health too low and even his 'Scavenger' ability is somewhat limited to the number of units on the board. In other words he will never get more than +11 health max. Alas! ;) As it is always the case with maximized numbers - on average you will end up with much less health. It will be more like +3 or +5 max extra health, but then again only if he manages to stay alive and does not become target of your opponent's abilities. Like 'Snipe' or 'Opportunity' or 'Scattershot'... So in conclusion I hope my next Dragon Splinter unit reviewed will be much more useful to me! :D

If you consider starting a journey into the Splinterverse on your own feel free to use my sign-up link:


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