Lost Legendaries ruleset in Splinterlands - If Legendaries are restricted, go for Epics instead


Yes, folks! You read another entry of mine into Splinterlands' share-your-battle challenges. My next week ahead at work will be probably very busy so I try to finish my entry better sooner than later.
From what I have read this week by my favorite Splinterlands bloggers, there are no big news this week except that the public release of the Tower Defense game seems to be imminent. I have bought only limited assets for this game, but hope it will be enough to start playing.
I mean I am not even talking about earning, but I really would like to play a new fun game in the Splinterverse!



Enough text already, let us come back to the main topic. This week's ruleset is: "Lost Legendaries". The title again gives a hint to its effects: You are not allowed to use Legendary units in your match at hand.

Rules read in detail: "Legendary units may not be used.

Legendary summoners are still available."

So only units are affected. Lucky you if you call a Legendary summoner your own!


Let us look at one of my battles to get a feeling what this ruleset's effects could be.
Find my battle here: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_35e16801d857ce4f316a4492245b1919&ref=jdike


The setup of this battle: Both lineups were similar but not the same.
While my opponent went with units "more basic" (and cheaper in terms of USD), I went with a joker unit I acquired a while ago with funds originating from creation of posts like the one you are reading here.


So already in Round 2 my aforementioned acquisition (Nerissa Tridawn) gave me an edge when I was able to bypass Diemonshark's shield stat and directly attack its health. So one more hit and opponent's Diemonshark would be off the board. While my Diemonshark could take a few more hits.


Again Nerissa hit the opponent's ranks hard and opponent's Flying Squid left the board while my Diemonshark still held the line.


And it continued: While I only lost my main tank, my opponent's line-up was already past a state of dissolution.


So no suprises left ... I won the battle. But let us do some analysis before leaving today's lesson.
4 of 6 units on each side of the battlefield were the same. I had 1 additional Rare unit (which barely made a difference) and 1 additional Epic unit (which ruled the match). My opponent had 2 Common units instead (which probably did their job but were not decisive).

So only one conclusion to make: If Legendary units are restricted for a given match - go for Epic units instead. ;) Simple but true, it seems, looking at this match of mine.

You are still not into the Splinterverse, but you consider joining? -Consider using my sign-up link, too: https://splinterlands.com?ref=jdike

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