Earthquake ruleset in Splinterlands - Clears the battlefield from non-flyings


So my dear readers, it finally happened! I mean not the tower defense game "Soulkeep" sold away.
I mean I got my first Rebellion card! Therefore I want to thank @vrezyy for providing us with his giveaways! Chances were in my favor that even I got me a Rebellion set card!

And here it is:




Otherwise we have another ruleset called "Earthquake" to post about, this week.

The simple it reads, it still has a little thing to consider.
The simple part of its description reads: "All non-flying units take 2 physical damage at the end of every turn."
But goes on the following: "Snared units are considered non-flying. Since the damage given is physical, it can be reduced to 1 if the unit has the shield ability."

So you might be able to avoid a good amount of damage with the right ability.


Let us have a look at one of my battles here:


So this fight is a lot about support units and the epic fight of magic vs. melee attack. ;)
Btw. do you see that Gold Foil Chicken on the other side of the battlefield? ;)


Round 1: My rat left the board and my Pelacor Deceiver got stronger. Fine with me!


Then "Earthquake" ruleset came into action and cleared a lot of the battlefield. Just now I would say with 8 health left and 3 melee attack left things looked rather optimistic to me.


Unfortunately I did not consider that my opponent's Regal Peryton still had to profit from "Martyr" ability. So things already looked worse here.


I even expected to miss Regal Peryton several times. But I hit. Problem my opponent's Regal Peryton hit me even harder.


Yes, this was a loss for team @jdike . Still I was wiser than last week and did pay the least of attention to the given rulesets. ;)

Still my conclusion for this battle: If you can avoid using melee units in a match with active "Earthquake" ruleset you will be a lot better of if you do so. 2 Physical damage per round hits hard on most units and pretty much eats away their health anytime.

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