My first platform: Kuailian

This post is about Kuailian, my first investment and start in the "dark side" of finances (crypto, I called dark side because governamental institutions doesn't like and if they could they vanished, destroyed,... Cryptos).

Some of you, may be, recently heard of Kuailian in the news papers. I am not going to talk about it or the changes in the platform and other stuff, I will write a post explaining and telling you what happened and my opinion until today.

Let's go to the business! I started nearly a year ago during march 2020 lockdown. I was reading telegram and someone was talking about crypto daily payments  (etherum at the time I didn't know anything about it). Once a week I was joining zooms to know a bit more about this project. Also I was reading crypto stuff, joining telegram groups, watching YouTube crypto video and researching a bit about the project. 

After month and a half, looking from different sources, I decided to invest in the company. After this first investment and getting profits I started to invest in other platforms. 

My next post I will write about Kuailian and everything around.

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My experience in crypto and lufe
My experience in crypto and lufe

This is posts are my personal view and my experience in crypto world. All I learned, view or tell to close friend that they are not inside crypto

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