1 Week In DeFi

By Cryptoft | My DeFi Journey | 21 Mar 2022

1 week in to my DeFi foray and time to take stock. After my impulsive decision Tuesday to sell the DEC I was holding for the Splinterlands airdrop and put it into Cubdefi instead I haven't looked at anything.

First let's look at Quickswap where I invested into 2 farms last Sunday.


Looking at the BIOS-MATIC pool there is some value loss as last week my liquidity deposits were showing at $38 but we are not worried about this, crypto is volatile. The APY has also dropped but we have still earned 0.0043 dQUICK which is worth £1.06 which is a decent return in 1 week. 


The VOLT-MATIC farm looks better, the value of my liquidity deposits has not changed and I have also earned 0.0065 dQUICK which is worth £1.61. I am very happy with the performance of this pool and will be leaving it another week.

Total dQUICK earned this week from my investments in Quickswap 0.0108 valued at £2.67 which is a pretty decent return considering my total investment a week ago was £54.31. Just under 5% interest in a week, I am a little worried about the value of the BIOS-MATIC pool but maybe it can recover by next week. Spent roughly £0.03 on fees to withdraw my dQUICK from the pools and have left this in the QUICK-dQUICK farm



The other investment I made was in CubDefi, this was made on Tuesday so has only been in 5 days.

My whole investment was put into the CUB-BNB farm to farm CUB tokens at Cubdefi and Polycub tokens from the airdrop.


I have earned 13.393 CUB tokens valued at £2.50. I'm not going to withdraw these CUB tokens due to higher fees on the BNB chain as I do not believe I could earn the fees back in a week.


I have earned 4.076 POLYCUB tokens valued at £2.32, for a total reward in 5 days of £4.82 from an investment of £182.12. Over a week this is roughly a 3.5% return which is pretty decent. My liquidity value has also increased and I feel this is a much more stable farm than the ones at Quickswap.

I have spent a little on fees to withdraw the POLYCUB and enable the xPOLYCUB farm and deposit my POLYCUB earned into the xPOLYCUB farm. 


The APY looks really good in this pool.

So far I am quite impressed with dipping my toes into DeFi farming. I am not putting anymore into DeFi this week as I do not have FIAT to invest and I still want to autocompound my staking tokens I have. 

I think I do need to start looking at converting some more of my crypto into DeFi farming in the future though so this week I think I will try and build some assets through play to earn to increase my investments.

Check back next Sunday for my next update.

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My DeFi Journey
My DeFi Journey

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