GamerHash and GamerCoin (GHX) – simple way to mine BTC and earn credits for games

By LoveCrypto | My CryptoEducation | 6 May 2021

I’ve been testing out GamerHash and I am really liking their setup. They have an application that you can download and use your Gaming PC’s power to mine for BitCoin. This is very similar to many of the other one click miners like NiceHash. However, they have some really exciting differences.


First, they have their own MetaMask compatible token named GamerCoin (GHX). This is given as a bonus to any Bitcoin you mine. GHX is tradeable on Bithumb, KuCoin & Uniswap, but they are also announcing some benefits to holding it within their wallet soon.


Secondly, they have a built in Play & Earn opportunity. You can sign up and play various PC games that are occasionally offered and then earn some GamerHash Store currency that you can use when purchasing. The games within this area are limited but very fun to play – unlike some of the games for other Play & Earn platforms I have tried.


I did not notice any undue processing or overheating of my PC when using their software. It was essentially unnoticeable. I was able to use other programs without any interference or issues.

Their store offers various gift cards to Steam, Etc. as well as being able to purchase PC games. They have over 600 items available.

For new customers, they are offering a special if you sign up through my link.

You will get 300 Satoshi loaded into your account and 30 days of Max Rank. They offer discounts on their mining fees – depending on how much you mine. For Max Rank – if you mine with them for 30 days you keep 100% of the profits – basically they waive their mining fees!

If you are looking for a simple way to earn some free games or Crypto – this might be a simple and fun solution for you!

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My CryptoEducation
My CryptoEducation

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