Zilliqa, 21% staking rewards, outperforming Visa and Mastercard: An overview

Zilliqa seems to be a topic of interest these days. 

And for those weary of the risks involved in yield farming, 

Zilliqa may be a wise alternative.

Zilliqa is a permissionless blockchain that is designed for high through put and focuses on the ability to complete thousands of transactions per second and aims to solve scalability issues by employing sharding. Zilliqa relies entirely on a sharded network. Sharding allows an extremely high rate of transactions compared to 1st and 2nd generation blockchains.  Each shard processes transactions individually.  As the network grows the number of transactions that can be processed per second also increases.  All this with no additional time for confirmations on transactions.  Many developers are finding a home on this blockchain and offer many Dapps.edb37ebb76af144bef24e907434a7bd6b9b19087a47fb77babc2bb876d189ab7.png

Development started in 2017 and testnet went live in March 2018 and in June 2019 launched its main net.  Zil is the native token and is used to process transactions on the network and execute smart transactions.  Zilliqas development team hail from the University of Singapore and a strong bunch of scientists, programmers and fintech entrepreneurs with a strong track record.  Zilliqa seeks to become the technology of choice for large scale enterprise such as advertising, gaming, entertainment and financial services and payment industries.  Their white paper states that the platform "aims to rival traditional centralized payment methods such as Visa and Mastercard."  

How could it replace Visa and Mastercard?  Well, with a network size of 10,000 nodes Zilliqa will enable through put that matches the average transaction rate of Visa and Mastercard with the advantages of much lower fees for the merchant.  

Zil token is listed on Binance, Huobi, Bitfinex to mention a few.

A market cap of $223,760,490 and ranks #63  in the top 100 cryptos.  Atomic wallet now offers staking for Zil which generates 23% ROI.  

In conclusion, Zilliqa has strong development and project leadership.  Their roadmap is full and they are on target.  There is a growing demand for this token as active developers seeking out this blockchain to build on and deemed a programmers dream and quite possibly may deliver its claim to out perform Visa and Mastercard.  Zilliqa is making  a lot of sense.  


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