My crypto passive income (May 2021)

By Clemnms51 | My crypto passive income | 11 Jun 2021

Once again I made a report focused on my passive income in the cryptocurrency environment. Check it out ! (Sorry for being late, I've been very busy those last days).




Still staking SNX on the same website, even if the last reward I received was a bit less interesting than in the past, I'm still fully satisfied by JustMining.

Total rewards : 5,38789088 SNX


Total Staking : 56.84 $




Still using this beautiful Celsius Network application to earn rewards on my DAI, USDT, ETH, BTC, BCH, CEL and BAT. Please note that the rates have declined a little bit at the end of the month, but it proves the quality and the safety of Celsius, which is permanently adapting the rates following the market demand.

Total rewards : 1.627 CEL


Total Lending : 12.05 $


Savings :

I transferred a bit of my BNB and EGLD on PancakeSwap and I think it was not so worth it. I made it because there isn't special staking offers for EGLD on Binance anymore. That's why I earned way less than the past months.

Total rewards : 0,0052208 EGLD


Total Savings : 0.47 $


Farming : 

I used a Liquidity Pool (BNB-EGLD) which has already closed so I'm a bit disappointed but that's really not a huge disappointment.

I only earned few CAKE, which is not worth it with the transaction fees ...

Total rewards : 0.19218 CAKE


Total Farming : 3.43 $


Faucets interests : 

Still easy money with the two best faucets available on the market. I transferred lots of my BTC on which is explaining the numbers you'll see next :

Total rewards :

Cointiply : about 0.01 $ worth of BTC (lol) : 0.00001441 BTC 


Total faucets interests : 0.54 $


Total May income : 73.33 $


That's pretty less than the past months, due to a huge decrease of the SNX prize and because I tried different things and had less interests than in the past. That's nothing, as I'm trying to stay in crypto for years and years. If you see it on the short term, that's pretty bad, but I think my wallet will be performing well on the long term.

I think I may buy more CEL tokens in the future for 2 reasons : 

  • Have the best loyalty level and earn more yield.
  • Bet on a good performance of the CEL token.

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The best faucet on the market :

Other BTC faucet :

Multi-crypto faucets :


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French crypto enthusiast, I love sport and passive earnings and income. I try to talk about various subjects and I hope you'll enjoy reading my articles.

My crypto passive income
My crypto passive income

Here are my passive crypto earnings updated every month. Enjoy !

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