Time To Get More Serious In Splinterlands?

By john harding | My Crypto Life | 27 Jul 2021

So the airdrop started today. I got only 0.861 SPS which I have already staked. I am a very casual player and was surprised I got this much really. Value is only around $0.30 but over 365 days it will add up. I have already staked my SPS :)


I have been stuck in bronze 2 for a long time, being pretty much a free player after buying the spellbook at the beginning, however today I decided I would deposit a little and bought 2 cheap gold cards to get me to bronze 1.

This will get me 2 extra chests every cycle, which should help build my power for better SPS rewards. Time to start taking this game more seriously. I have just been doing enough to get my mission daily so I am way behind where I could have been if I took it seriously a few months ago.

I did get lucky on one of my chests, I dropped a legendary card currently valued at $78


Will prices continue to rise? I think personally this game still has a lot of life in it and have no intentions of cashing out. A true contender in the play to earn market.

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My Crypto Life

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