Portfolio update - how have i done in the last 6 1/2 weeks?

By john harding | My Crypto Life | 2 Jun 2021

It's been a while since I last showed my portfolio on 15th April. At that time my portfolio was valued at $340 down $127 due to the mistakes I had made. You can read about that here. Time to update you all on how it is doing and how the recent crash in the market has affected me. 


Since that time I have invested $378 on Cypto.com, this investment was spread over 5 payments during the timeframe and all has gone to buying CRO tokens which I have staked in the supercharger event. I am currently accumulating some ENJ tokens from the last event and this time around I am currently staked to earn SHIBA. My total value on Crypto.com is currently $460.33.


The big profit here is mainly due to the influx of BTC which I earned on Cointiply using the app offers (payment proof below). I am trying to get to 0.005 BTC so I can stake for 3 months locked and earn 5% APY on my holdings.


I have also invested $282.03 on Etoro. I bought 1 share in Coinbase and the rest i spent on LTC when I thought price was recovering. The Coinbase stock is showing a profit but the LTC shows a loss right now. I will HODL. My balance is $291.17 so I am in profit here.


On Atomic wallet I still have my BAND staked, which I have been compounding. I now have 2.411616 BAND staked valued at $21.27. The price of BAND has taken a big hit in the crash and i have lost here.

My wallet in Atomic wallet shows a balance of $11.64. This comprises of some BTT i bought on Kucoin and sent over as I plan to HODL this one long term. The rest has come from faucets. The ZEC and DOGE from Pipeflare and Globalhive plus a few bits i earned on my phone..


My Binance spot account stands at $274.15. Most of this is BETH which comes from the ETH I staked. Luckily I bought most of my ETH before the price jumped or after the crash so I haven't lost on ETH. I sold my KSM as I didn't have enough to restake as the short term offer was gone. My DOT I restaked for 60 days. Currently 1.7010295 DOT staked at a value of $43.47. I did buy a bit more DOT to reach the minimum staking requirements.


I invested another $120 in ETH on Binance also. Some i added to my ETH 2.0 staking, I converted some to ENJ and sent the ENJ and the rest of the ETH to my Enjin Wallet to sell an item from the Lost Relics game. My Enjin wallet currently stands at $88.66


My Kucoin account shows a balance of $53.49 This comes from the KSM I sold on Binance, I converted it to LTC, sent it here and then converted it to BTC to try my hand at trading. Unfortunately I bought BTC at $45k during the crash expecting it to recover so I am stuck hodling it for now as I am reluctant to sell at a loss. The rest of the balance is a few coins I am holding that I think could show promise and my AMPL from publishOx. Trading is still something I want to try but during this unstable time I am just HODLing.


My WAX account is looking good, I have invested only $10 here for the Splinterlands spellbook. Most of the WAX has come from the Alien Worlds game and free NFT drops which I have sold. Most of the free NFT drops I am finding from links and lander events on the Torum social media site, I am also earning XTM crypto here as well. I have managed to upgrade my bag in Alien Worlds to 3 drills. Splinterlands has paid me ok. There is a springtraining event every week dropping free NFTS, I have sold a few of these, I also got 1 Legendary card drop valued at $9.50 which I haven't sold as I use it in the game. All the TLM I am getting from Alien Worlds has been converted to WAX. I have staked all my WAX to get CPU and RAM and get the 2 staking rewards. (you can read about getting both WAX rewards here) My total staked WAX by my account is 207 at a value of $33.36


My Tron wallet currently shows a balance of $15.84 which has all come from PHT which I sent to the Probit exchange, transferred to TRX and sent back to my wallet. I then froze the TRX and voted so I can earn daily TRX rewards. Find out the games i am earning PHT from here.


I do have a few small amounts also in faucets and in the micro wallets Expresscrypto and Faucetpay. I am not counting this until it is withdrawn. I also have 52 NBX I earned from the Netbox browser staked there currently valued at $0.81 and 3.44 BAT from Brave browser rewards in my Uphold wallet valued at $2.80

To summarise my total investment so far is $1257, my portfolio is currently valued at $1296. This is a profit of $39 on my investment. Of course this only includes my Fiat investment and not the time I have put into earning free crypto but I am very happy with the results. I have turned around my losses from 6 1/2 weeks ago and am now showing a small profit. Considering the recent crash in prices I am in a very good position if prices recover.


My plans for the month are to continue working on Cointiply to try and get my BTC holdings in Crypto.com to 0.005 so i can start staking it, to continue hunting for free NFTs to sell, continue playing games to earn, maybe get into trading if prices stabilise for a while and I am going to start looking at some airdrops and see if I can get any pay off from these.


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