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By john harding | My Crypto Life | 29 Aug 2021

Today I thought I would introduce you to the CRO token, which is the native token of CDC

So far this token has seen a steady rise over time and I am a firm believer that it will rise further, although I am not a financial advisor so please do your own research, make your own decisions and take this post as my opinions only.

Below you can see the chart for CRO, with the ath coinciding with BTCs ath earlier this year. Currently CRO is ranked #42


CRO has different uses in CDC which I will look at below, but first you need some CRO.


The first program in the CDC family we will look at is the wallet. Here you can store your cryptocurrencies and move them freely between the exchange and the wallet app. Signing up for a CDC wallet will entitle you to apply for a free visa card, which you can use anywhere that uses visa and earn back between 1% and 8% cashback paid in CRO tokens, depending on which tier card you go for.


There are also additional benefits you can receive with higher tier cards, including 100% cashback from Spotify, Netflix and Amazon prime when you pay these subscriptions with your CDC Visa card.


You can top up your Visa card with FIAT currencies or with Crypto from within the wallet app.

If you are wanting to stake some CRO to get an upgraded card then be sure to sign up for the CDC wallet with a referral code as this will entitle you to a $25 bonus in CRO when you stake for the ruby card or above. Also as a new user you will be able to buy crypto with 0% fees for the first 30 days.

You can use the following referral code to get this bonus: 96vnyqpqj4

Or you can just follow this link:


Next we have the CDC exchange. This is a separate site to the wallet and can be accessed from your pc or laptop also.

Movement of crypto is free between the exchange and your wallet if you have them linked, sign up to the exchange as a CDC user with the same email address you used for the wallet and you can link the accounts. Be sure when you get to the sign up screen that you input a referral code if you want your free CRO for staking here. You can use referral code: 96vnyqpqj4


As a new user on the exchange you will be entitled to a 2% bonus on crpyto deposits paid in CRO up to the value of 500 CRO.

You also have the option of staking 5000 CRO (bonus CRO from 2% deposit bonus does not count towards this 5000) for 6 months to receive 10% APR, reduced trading fees and a $50 bonus in CRO, you also need to sign up with a referral code to get this bonus. You can use referral code: 96vnyqpqj4


There are also other ways you can use your CRO to earn for you. The supercharger event is a good way to earn different cryptos from your CRO. You can join this from the wallet or the exchange. You stake your CRO to earn whichever crypto the supercharger event is supporting. The rewards are paid to you on your exchange account and the amount depends on the amount of CRO staked and the length of time during the event you have it staked for. This can be a good way to put your CRO to work to earn different coins. At the time of writing his post we are currently earnig YFI tokens from the supercharger event. 

CDC also has a DeFi app where you can stake your CRO and other coins to earn interest.


I am a big supporter of CDC and believe it will be here for the long term and continue to grow. With the Visa card bringing you free CRO and the bonuses on offer I think this is a good choice.

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