My Friday music playlist Vol 1.

Well this blog is not only dedicated to crypto and learning. As my name suggest I’m a music fan too (also musician), so I want to share with you my passion and the music I like.


To be honest, most of the music I listen are not so wide popular but anyway it’s good to share and learn more about songs and cultures. My first playlist is dedicated to some underground songs in electronic music such as: Coldwave, Newwave, Disco, Dance, Trance, etc

Magic Fly - Space



Ok, this is not so underground but could be a forgotten classic. When you see their costumes and the kind of music they play what comes to your mind? Any modern group? Probably you’re thinking in Daft Punk. This song from 1977 is literally a space flight with synths and a catchy melody. Always worth to listen to.

Anarchie  - Monopol

From 1982 the German band Monopol created one of my favourites coldwave tracks. "Anarchie" makes go against everything and jump and dance. I never have dance to this in a club but I really need to request this one to a DJ. Pure Punk and Coldwave


Rectangle - Jacno

If you like 90s dance/ trance music this melody probably sounds familiar to you. Well it comes from this song of the late 70s. Jacno was a french minimalist musician. This song made him popular in Europe and in the 90s his fame since Gigi D’agostino used the melody for his hit "La Passion"


Un Giorno Credi - Gigi D’agostino

This Italian DJ became so successful in the late 90s and beginning of the 00s when his song "L’amour Toujours" was played in every club around the world. However he has some hidden gems in his albums. This trance song is ideal to uplift your mood or in case you’re working out. Even though it’s a repetitive song, you don’t get tired so easily.

Photographic - Depeche Mode (Some bizarre version)

In 1981 Depeche Mode added their song "Photographic" to their album "Speak & Spell". You can hear the album version with a electro pop sound. Later on, they released the original version of this track and very different, it has a fast tempo and a darker sound, definitely is the best version.

Daily Dose - Yan Wagner

This song is still stuck In my head! Another Frenchman added to the list. This new wave artist has a lot of influence in the 80s and disco music. I still wonder how this man is not more popular.


Do I Sad? - Geneva Jacuzzi

This girl seems to be weird but yes she is haha. She’s also influenced by the retro music and synths, in her videos she uses retro effects. I like this woman and of course her music.


Ok this was a very short playlist of underground music and I’ll keep posting more songs! See ya!


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Musician, pianist, composer. Sports enthusiast and crypto learner

My crypto learning, music sharing and life
My crypto learning, music sharing and life

My journey to this crypto world, learning, experiences and sharing thoughts. Never do what I do, and of course not a financial advice. Also I want to share music and things that happens in my life

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