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The most common question That comes up is, “Why are the mining software mostly 64 bit?”. There is a reasonable answer for this, and it involves security. My friends and I could tell you that in the Military on most occasions, they use a 128 Bit encryption site. The main theory behind this is for your security. This means it is logical to assume a 32-Bit system would be easier to hack, than a 64-Bit system.


In The Beginning…




If you were around for the golden age of Home video game entertainment, you would remember the Atari2600. This fun and excitement was only 8 Bit graphics even with the annoying sounds and the 8 bit mush it was fun.


Graphics to Security


Now if you take that concept of 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit, etc.. in the graphics category, then apply that same principal to the security category.



What you have to realize is that the mining software is working for your currency. Security of your wallet, and mining software should be the main factor in what you do. This is the reason those systems that will not take a 64-bit system should not be used just for security alone.




32 Bit System


The system allows 32 Bit data processor. This is also what effects the actual security of the system. If the system processes 32 bit data at a time the processor can, by theory, be hacked easier than a 64 bit.



This was just to give a background on why the majority of the mining software is for a 64 bit system rather than a 32 bit system. Although some mining software are available for a 32 bit system, I personally recommend that you use the 64 bit system which has a little better encryption.


This does not mean that system can not be hacked, and you should always take precautions, but when it comes to your finances you should do everything you can to keep that secure.

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My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

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