Virtually on Cryptocurrency, Forsaking the Fake Fiat

Virtually on Cryptocurrency, Forsaking the Fake Fiat

By Wolf2015 | My Crypto Info | 16 Jul 2021

I have written a few articles explaining the central bank illusion of a system is breaking down and you should embrace cryptocurrency to protect yourself. I am going to let you in on the big secret. STOP PEGGING CRYPTOCURRENCY TO THE CENTRAL BANK FAKE SYSTEM! I use Litecoin and I put Litecoin on my debit card so I am going to take you through what I spent in a day. I got gas and shopped so let me show you.




Putting Gas in my car it costs 0.02LTC per gallon. Let that sink in that is 2 cents worth of litecoin per one gallon of gas. Keep this in Mind total in my wallet is 3.87LTC. It took only 8 gallons to top it off so let us do the math. The total I spent to top it off was .16LTC that is 16 cents worth of Litecoin. Now let us go to the grocery store.




Now I got the food that I wanted and waited at the self checkout my total I spent was .42LTC that is 42 cents worth of Litecoin for the food now let me do a little math here. I spent .16 for gas, .47 for groceries now let me deduct it from my wallet The total I spent for all the above was .63LTC that is 63 cents worth of litecoin. Deducting from my wallet of 3.87LTC that leaves 3.24 I did not even spend 1 Litecoin.


Now do you see the difference of using cryptocurrency. If you look at the coin as just simply 1 of that coin you will see the prices are not really that high unless you are using the fake fiat which is spiraling out of control. Learn to use this currency as the currency and not trade it for the fake fiat and you will see how much wealth you will have.

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My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

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