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EL SALVADOR To Build a Bitcoin City

By Wolf2015 | My Crypto Info | 27 Nov 2021

In the wake of understanding that the Federal Reserve Note Will Collapse, If you want more information from some strategic sources here is a link:



El Salvador President is now setting the stage in building the first Bitcoin City, in the eastern area of La Union. This is not the only one, Nigeria is set to follow suit on El Salvador and create Bitcoin currency as legal tender.


Here is just n excerpt from the article:

El Salvador says it plans to build the world’s first “Bitcoin City.”

The city, to be created in the eastern area of La Union, will be powered by a nearby volcano, President Nayib Bukele recently announced.

The announcement came during an event held as part of the country’s weeklong Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference.

In September, El Salvador became the first country in the world to make bitcoin a legal currency. The country has used the U.S. dollar for more than 20 years.

Bukele said the planned city would be financed with bonds linked to virtual currencies, also known as cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.READ MORE….


Also here is some information on El Salvador overtakes Nigeria in Global Bitcoin Ranking. READ MORE... This shows that a decentralized system throughout the world will never again have a centralized criminal cartel in charge of the world ever again.



The entire system is an illusion, due to the fact that the Federal Reserve Note is not backed by any physical gold. This means no value. Also “Fiat Currency” means currency circulating by force, not by value.


As you can see the inflation is a ruler in order to measure how much the Federal Reserve Note is devaluing. What is happening is the Younger Generation, who are mostly Libertarians, reach for cryptocurrency because they do not want any Government to control them. They want to earn their money and have fun, as well as be left alone.


The Latest Report should give you some more information. Here is the the latest podcast from the X22 Report



I hope this gives you some more insight on what is coming. For those that are already in the crypto groove, you should also look into precious metals to give you a solid hedge against inflation. The proof the Federal reserve Note will collapse and no matter what anyone says, it can not be stopped.

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My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

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