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Before I go into the Blockchain, which is the very heart of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as a whole, I need to show you something. On this pool I have clicked the Algorithms to the most profitable, just take a look at the results.


The above image shows the most profitable algorithms to mine. Notice that the ASIC SHA256 is number one, but what most people do not tell you rx2, which is a cpu algorithm is number 2. You should also notice that ETH is not even in the top 17 algorithms.


The main reason for this is because most people that talk truly do not understand the Blockchain, Not in the technological Sense. What must be understood is the math problems the mining software that is being used is based on the work you are providing.


For example, if you are running several miners on one pool at 1 PH/s then the math problems your miners are receiving are more sophisticated and complex rather than a person running 1 miner with 56 TH/s. This should be obvious, but sadly the massive people look at hash power as the GOD, which the actual rules of the game are based on the mathematical protocol that the coin is using.


Now I know this video I am going to link is long, but how can you truly play the game unless you understand the rules.




The Blockchain is much more than just currency, it is a revolutionary innovation that has the potential to create decentralized business and commerce that will truly define our freedom and prosperity. If you truly start to understand the technology behind cryptocurrency, you will get a better understanding of the game. With that being said, what person plays a game without understanding how to play?


When you truly discover the real basics of this technology, you can open your eyes and look at this with a mathematical perspective in order to benefit what you want and what you are trying to achieve.




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My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

Education of cryptocurrency from a person who actually lives off of mining and how to understand the many ways you can earn. Must research all for yourself, because results can vary depending on your miner and internet connection

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