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Creating A Virtual Empire to protect against the Central Bank Inflation.

By Wolf2015 | My Crypto Info | 10 Nov 2021

I just want to give a basic understanding first before I explain the process. There is a reason why they call it a miner farm. If you look at your entire operation as a mine, or a farm you will see the gaming strategy.


Farming Summery


Let us take a farm. You own a farm, and you start to plant crops. You plant maybe a row of corn, maybe a row of wheat, peas, and other vegetables. The basic outline may look something like this:




The more crops a farmer has, the more ability he will have to make money on the marketplace. In reality, the more plots of land they own, the more of a variety of crops they can plant. Usually the Farmer has a pretty good idea on how the crops will be organized for maximum efficiency.


Virtual Farming


Now take that understanding of a farm and now apply this to Auto-Faucets. The idea is to have the computer you have mining, have at least one 24 hour auto faucet with multiple coins being collected every 60 seconds. Also you should have two more browsers with different auto-faucets. If you are collecting at least 6 coins on each site, that is the equivalent of planting 18 crops.


The more browser windows you have, the more currency will be collected each time. This is how you increase the profits from your mining and staking operation. You should be doing all three. Mining alone is not recommended. Just be sure your computer memory is to enough to handle more than 3 if you want to do more.


Do you remember the picture of the plot of land for the farmers to grow crops, just imagine the plot being a virtual plot and your crops are the cryptocurrency coins. Now use that same idea for your micro-wallet collection.



The actual benefit to setting up an auto-faucet every day, is that you can see fruits of labor within a month. The reality of starting a real life farm that grows vegetables, will not see any fruit until after 1 year.


The reality is all of those too lazy to take a few minutes every day to view advertisements to gain the time for the faucet to collect, do not deserve any sympathy when the central bank system collapses and inflation prevents them from buying basic needs.


There are many auto faucets that are listed on Express Crypto, and there are many paying fairly well, or as well as they can, for the amount of time it takes between claims. Remember this, the inflation is creeping up fast, and the Central Bank System will be imploding on itself. If you are not taking self responsibility to gain as much as you can, then you might just be the one that suffers through this collapse.


The choice is always yours. I hope you take the time to get as much FREE Cryptocurrency as you can in order to protect yourself from the coming collapse.

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My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

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